New Delhi, Jn. From the diplomatic point of view, the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to France, Germany and Denmark is very important. PM Modi’s visit to European countries has established that not only has India’s acceptance in the West increased, but India is also being seen as a great power. After all, what are the big implications of PM Modi’s visit to European countries? Can this visit be seen as a diplomatic situation arising out of the Russia-Ukraine war? The special thing is that Modi’s visit to the West is taking place at a time when the distance between India and America has increased over the Russia-Ukraine war? Is PM Modi’s visit being viewed in this context as well?

1- Strategic affairs expert Prof Abhishek Pratap Singh says that PM Narendra Modi’s visit to western countries during the Russia-Ukraine war has big implications. During the Russia-Ukraine war, the US has consistently condemned India’s neutrality policy. During this war, there has been a distance somewhere in the relationship between India and America. America and its supporting countries are continuously pressurizing India to abandon its neutral policy in war. He is opposing India’s approach in the Russia-Ukraine war. However, India maintains that it is against the war. India is an advocate of peace talks between the two countries. India has also made it clear that it is following the neutrality policy during the war.

2- Prof Singh says that Modi’s visit to western countries is a positive initiative for India. From a diplomatic point of view, garnering the support of European countries on the issue of the Indo-Pacific is no less a big achievement for India. France has given positive signs for strategic mutual cooperation with Germany, Britain and the European Union, especially on the issue of the Indo-Pacific region. These countries have made it clear that they stand with India. He said that PM Modi’s visit has made it clear that France stands with India not only in the defense sector but also on issues ranging from terrorism to the Indo-Pacific region. This is confirmed by the joint statement issued after two rounds of meetings of French President Emmanuel Macron and PM Modi.

3- He said that in fact, the Indo-Pacific region is a very sensitive region from the geographical and strategic point of view. Other countries of the world including India are worried about the increasing interest of China in this vast territory. It has already established its military bases in the South China Sea. India’s concern has increased due to this. The dragon is trying to capture the sea route in these two oceans. About half of the world’s sea transport takes place through this route. In many places, China has imposed its arbitrary rules. Its conflict with America over this is increasing continuously. Many times a war-like situation also came between the two countries. That is why today countries like Germany, France, Britain are coming with India on this issue.

4- Prof Singh said that the distance between India and America has increased during the Russia-Ukraine war. This can also be gauged from the fact that recently the US has talked about including South Korea in the quad. Due to this speculations are being made that South Korea can take India’s place in the quad. Even before this, America has warned India on many occasions. Many top officials of the Biden administration have visited India in this regard. He is opposing India’s neutral policy. Despite this, India stands by its stand. India has said that the more useful America is for India, the more it will maintain friendship with Russia.

5- After the departure of the Imran government in Pakistan, the Biden administration is keen to establish relations with the Shahbaz government. This is the reason that after the appointment of Bilawal Bhutto as Foreign Minister in Pakistan, US Secretary of State Blinken has congratulated him over the phone. Both the leaders talked about taking their relationship forward. The two leaders expressed their desire to strengthen mutually beneficial Pakistan-US bilateral relations. Bilawal said views were shared on various aspects of Pakistan-US relations. He said that Pakistan and the US have had extensive relations for a long time. He said that meaningful and sustainable relations between the two countries based on mutual respect and mutual interests are vital to promoting peace, development and security in the region and beyond. The proximity of America and Pakistan will affect Indian interests somewhere.

Edited By: Ramesh Mishra