New Delhi, ANI. To promote startups in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today interacted with startup businessmen through video conference. During the conversation, he said that startups are going to be the backbone of New India. The PM said that when India completes 100 years of independence, startups will play an important role. These innovators are making the country proud at the world level.

‘National Startup Day’ will now be celebrated on 16 January

During the conversation, Prime Minister Modi congratulated all those startups and innovative youth of the country and said that all of them are raising the flag of India in the world. During this, he made a big announcement and said that this culture of startups should reach far-flung parts of the country, for this, January 16 will now be celebrated as National Startup Day.

This decade is India’s ‘Taked’

The PM further said that this decade is being called India’s ‘Taked’. To strengthen innovation, liberating entrepreneurship in the entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem, innovation from government processes, bureaucratic silos are important aspects that have been worked out. He said that the startups of India can easily reach themselves to other countries of the world. For this, he should not only keep his dreams local but make it global.

Startups urged to move towards villages

During the conversation, the PM said that in this decade of the 21st century, startups have to keep in mind that the speed with which the government is working to increase digital reach from village to village, with the help of about 100 crore people in India. Internet users. He said that he urges startups to move towards villages as well.

India’s ranking improved in Global Innovation Index

PM Modi further said that the campaign that is going on in India regarding innovation, has the effect of that India’s ranking in the Global Innovation Index has also improved a lot. In the year 2015, India was at number 81 in this ranking. Now India is at number 46 in the Innovation Index. He said that our effort is to inculcate the attraction of innovation among the students in the country right from their childhood and to institutionalize the innovation. There are over 9,000 Atal Tinkering Labs today giving children the opportunity to innovate and work on new ideas in schools.

Last year 42 unicorns were made in our country

The PM said that even in the best of times, only one or two big companies could be formed, but last year 42 unicorns were made in our country. These companies worth thousands of crores are the identity of a confident India. He said that today India is rapidly moving towards hitting the century of unicorns.

Edited By: Mahen Khanna