Police-Commissioner watched the match on a simple ticket: After this, the D-Chair gallery’s garbage was also cleaned himself, seeing them, Venue Director Sanjay Kapoor also came to clean

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On one hand in the city, there is a scuffle among people for the VIP pass. On the other hand, the Commissioner of Police, on the other hand, watched the match by sitting on a plastic chair with a simple ticket to the D-Chair gallery. Not only this, as soon as the match was over, the wrappers of chips lying in the gallery, water bottles and other garbage were also cleaned. Seeing him, the Venue Director and the public also went ahead and launched a cleanliness campaign.

Seeing the police commissioner cleaning up, Sanjay Kapoor, the Venue Director of Greenpark Stadium, also cleaned the gallery by picking up the garbage.

President’s Swachhata Jan Andolan started…
President Ram Nath Kovind asked the people of Kanpur to launch a cleanliness mass movement on Thursday at the centenary celebrations of Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur. Said that he now wants to see Kanpur also in the ranking of top-5 clean cities of the country. Immediately after his program, Kanpur Police Commissioner Aseem Arun reached Green Park to watch the match without any VIP box or balcony instead of a normal ticket. D-Watched the match while sitting on the simple plastic chair of the balcony. After this, as soon as the match was over, the garbage lying on the ground was cleaned. Seeing them, Sanjay Cooper, the Venue Director of Greenpark and also present there, cleaned the garbage there and himself. Seeing all this, the spectators who spread the garbage also shrugged and cleaned the ground.
Police commissioner himself trapped in jam
After watching the match, returning from Green Park Stadium got stuck in a heavy jam on VIP Road in front of the court. Seeing the police commissioner stuck in the jam, the police rushed to the spot in a hurry. With hard work, the police was able to clear the jam after about 10 minutes. Seeing this, the police commissioner talked about further improvement in the all-round traffic of Green Park.
Police Commissioner did not take the pass
Senior IPS Asim Arun, known for his tough temper, reached the India-New Zealand match without any pass or VIP arrangements. It is discussed that he had asked for five tickets to watch the match with his wife. After this, sitting in the D-chair gallery, watched the match. While Venue Director Sanjay Kapoor had sent 2500 passes to the policemen to watch the match, the police commissioner returned all the passes.


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