Patna Scholars are caught in the case of scholar setting in the medical and engineer entrance examination and rigging the examination in another state, but the police is not able to reach the kingpin. The biggest name in this is that of Atul Vats, against whom a case has been registered against Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi and many other states for causing disturbances in the examination. Two months ago, a case was registered against six people including Atul Vats in Danapur, in which three people including Atul are absconding in the police records.

Earlier, four operatives of Atul were arrested by the police of Buddha Colony police station with the help of Haryana Police. That’s when Atul’s name came up. Atul is a resident of Jehanabad. The police kept looking for him for a few days. Later, the matter got buried in the files.


Atul was arrested in 2017


In the year 2017, Delhi Police arrested the mastermind Abhishek Singh after the malpractices in the NEET entrance examination were exposed. Atul Vats was also caught on his behest. Both were sent to Tihar Jail, but after getting bail after a few months, he came out. If sources are to be believed, he has become a partner in online centers in many states, but his name is not mentioned anywhere in the paper. He also sets scholars in NEET, Engineering Entrance Exam as well as other competitive exams. Before this, many people of the setter gang in Patrakarnagar, Salwar gang in Gardanibagh have been caught. Even the kingpin was not arrested in this. A case was registered against three others including Anshu of the gang who rigged the competitive examination at SKpuri police station. The police could not arrest anyone.

Edited By: Jagran