Political characters and stories-30: During the Emergency, Sanjay Gandhi cut off the electricity of media institutions, people were surrounded and sterilized

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Tomorrow i.e. June 23 is the death anniversary of Sanjay Gandhi. We will come up with three stories related to him. You read his love story yesterday. Today his role in Emergency will be read. He had stopped Indira Gandhi from resigning. Along with big leaders, the queens of the royal family were put in jail. The law of sterilization was strictly enforced.

In this story of Sanjay, we will talk about emergency first. Then we will talk about their tough decisions and sterilization law. You can read the first story related to Sanjay here.

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Court canceled Indira’s election
On June 12, 1975, PM Indira Gandhi returned to office after consoling her family after the death of her advisor DP Dhar. At three o’clock in the afternoon, Rajiv Gandhi reached Indira with a paper and told that the election has been canceled after finding him guilty of using restricted means in the 1971 election. Indira took a deep breath, but didn’t say anything.

When Indira made up her mind to resign, Sanjay stopped
After the decision of the court, Indira was set to leave the post of PM. West Bengal Chief Minister Siddhartha Shankar Ray and Law Minister HR Gokhale reached home. After some time, Agriculture Minister Jagjivan Ram, Party President Devkant Barua, Umashankar Dixit also reached. Indira said with a deep tiredness on her face, “I must resign.” Siddhartha Shankar Ray said, “Think once.”

Spanish writer Javier Moro writes in The Red Sari, “Indira wanted to resign, but then Sanjay arrived and stopped her from doing so. If Indira had done so, Sanjay’s dreams of becoming a big man would have been shattered. Mother would have to leave the other room.” I got engaged and said, “If you resign, the opposition will put you in jail on one pretext or the other. Indira liked Sanjay’s words.”

Demonstrations against Indira started across the country
Demonstrations started all over the country under the leadership of Jai Prakash Narayan. On the other hand Sanjay and PM’s secretary RK Dhawan called people from DTC buses and held rallies in support of Indira. JP was overwhelming. On June 25, JP’s rally was to be held at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi, about which the Intelligence Bureau had received inputs of rebellion. He declared emergency after talking to Siddharth Shankar Ray.

As the movement grew bigger under the leadership of JP, arrests started.

Whoever protested was thrown in jail
While Sanjay was in favor of Emergency, Rajiv was against it. He felt that it was the tradition of the Nehru family to follow democratic values. Sanjay, on the other hand, did not agree with this. He handed over the list of people who were protesting to the Chief Ministers. Opposition leaders were selectively arrested and imprisoned. When Rajiv told this to his mother, even then there was no special effect on him.

Sanjay stopped the power supply of the media
The country’s newspapers should not run news against Indira, so the electricity supply of all the newspapers of the country was stopped. Sanjay took necessary steps to close the court. Bengal CM Siddharth Ray did not agree with Sanjay regarding restrictions on media and courts. When he told this to Indira, there was an argument between Sanjay and Ray. Sanjay said, “Do you know how the country is run?”

When Information Minister IK Gujral reached the office on 26 June 1975, Sanjay said, “All news bulletins should be shown to them before they are broadcast.” Gujral said, “It is not possible.” In the meantime Indira also came. asked, “What’s going on?” Then Gujral clarified on the whole matter. Indira said, “I understand your position. You should send a bulletin every morning from a clerk so that I can see them.” Gujral resigned.

Sanjay Gandhi had given a strict order that all bulletins would be checked only, Indira also agreed.

The queens of the royal family were taken prisoner
Javier Moro writes, “Whoever opposed Indira Gandhi in the country was arrested. The princesses of Jaipur and Gwalior were also not spared, because they contested against the Congress. Both these queens were jailed as criminals in Tihar Jail. and kept with prostitutes. The cell of Gayatri Devi, the Rajmata of Jaipur, smelled bad. There was a lot of noise in the jail.”

Forced sterilization
Moro writes, “Sanjay Gandhi considered the growing population to be the reason for the country’s problem. Before that, the utility of condoms for family planning was told, but it did not have any effect. He ordered the Chief Ministers to get sterilization done strictly. In Haryana, the then Chief Minister Banarsi Das Gupta got 60 thousand sterilization operations done within three weeks. When the pressure increased on other states, he gave the target to the officials.

Used to do sterilization by giving the lure of 120 rupees
At that time, there were three options for those who got sterilization done by the government. He can take 120 rupees. A teen can take edible oil or take a radio. Amidst all these options, there was an uproar that the person would become impotent as soon as the sterilization was done. People started running away from government hospitals. There was pressure on the officers and employees of the Health Department, until the quota is not fulfilled, the salary will not be available.

Sanjay Gandhi considered population to be the root of every problem, so he showed strictness on the rule of sterilization.

The doctors would identify the poor villages with the administration and surround them and sterilize the people. Rajiv had returned to Delhi from Bhopal at the same time, he told Indira that the Muslim class in Bhopal was afraid. If this is not stopped then communal riots can happen. Indira ignored his words.

Indira was hurt for the first time. In front of him, a person who had suffered the system’s wrath stood weeping. Indira ordered, “If any government servant will not deal strictly with the people for family planning.” Sanjay Gandhi was not at home when she was giving this order.

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