Pooja Batra does yoga in front of the Eiffel Tower, keeps herself fit like this Sanjay Dutt’s heroine

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You will also be stunned to see the yoga of Pooja Batra, who was the heroine of Sanjay Dutt. No matter how far Pooja stays from films, she is very ahead in terms of fitness.

Celebrity Fitness: You must have seen Pooja Batra as Sanjay Dutt’s heroine in the film ‘Haseena Maan Jayegi’, but now Pooja’s looks and style have all changed. In her recent pictures, Pooja is seen doing yoga in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Let us tell you that for the last many years, Pooja has made yoga an important part of her life and this is the reason why she keeps herself so fit and healthy. In these pictures of her, Pooja is also seen doing Chakrasana and Vrikshasana.

Pooja has also shared the photo of similar handstand done on the beach. Through this photo, Pooja also shared the coat of Donna Farhi, referring to her posture, comfort and balance.

When it comes to the challenge, Pooja is not one to back down. In this video you can clearly see how Pooja is seen doing one pada kaundinyasan. In this, the body is raised upwards with the help of hands by resting its head on the ground. Also, the legs are also taken up.

Even wearing this neon workout outfit, Pooja is seen doing Chakrasana. There is literally no answer to the fitness of Pooja in the yoga pose near the sea. Let us tell you that to do Chakrasana, the hands and feet are folded while lying straight on the ground. After this, with the help of hands and feet, a circle is made by lifting your body upwards. If you are also wondering how to start your yoga or fitness journey, then you can take inspiration from Pooja.

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