Poor condition of government schools in Guna of Madhya Pradesh; Toilet being cleaned by girl students

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It is said that education is everyone’s right. Everyone in the country should get good education, it is the responsibility of the leaders of our society. It is the responsibility of the administration and administration to take care of the open schools in every state and region and to make quality education system in them. Along with education, basic facilities are also necessary in schools, but if someone tells you that the children who go to schools are made to do cleanliness work, what will you say. One such incident has come from Guna district of Madhya Pradesh. Where the girls of primary secondary school of Chakdevpur village of Bamori were made to clean the toilet of the school.

Girls got the toilet cleaned

There are primary and middle schools in the same campus at Chakdevpur, Bamori in Guna district. In the same school, a case has come to the notice of girl students for cleaning toilets. While the schoolgirls were doing the cleaning work, some people made photos and videos of it. After which questions began to arise on the school administration. When the matter was informed, the school staff told that the headmistress Indira Raghuvanshi was not there when the girls were cleaning the toilets. The teachers told that she had gone to Guna in the meeting. When Republic Bharat asked him the reason for making school girls clean toilets regarding the matter, he refused to talk.

In the primary secondary school built in Chakdevpur village of Bamori, the incident of getting the toilets cleaned by the girls of class 5 and 6 has come to the fore. Eyewitnesses told that the girls clean the toilet with a broom in their hand and bring water from the hand pump outside to fill the bucket in the bucket.

Bad condition of government schools in Guna

According to locals, the condition of toilets in government schools in Guna district is bad. In schools, students are forced to go to shabby and dirty toilets. More than 4700 toilets are needed in 2311 government schools in Guna district, out of which only 890 are functional. According to the District Education Center, Rs 25 lakh has been approved for the repair of 125 toilets in the district. After the incident of getting girls cleaned toilets came to light, the district officer has ordered an inquiry, at present the investigation is going on.

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