New Delhi, ANI. Continuous efforts are being made to deal with the power crisis looming due to the shortage of coal, but the threat is not over yet. However, there is no shortage of coal in the country and the situation is expected to improve in a week. The central government is preparing for this. The central government is fully prepared to meet the demand of coal by the states and power companies and railways. The central government is going to increase its daily coal production from 19.4 lakh tonnes per day to 20 lakh tonnes per day within a week. Government sources told news agency ANI that there is no shortfall in the daily supply of coal to the states and power companies and they have 5 days of stock left. According to the government, the situation will return to normal in a month.

Due to deepening of power crisis

There are many reasons for the current power or coal crisis. A government source told ANI that since January, the coal ministry has been writing to various states to take and stock coal in their respective states, but none of the states paid heed to it. Coal India can stock up to a limit. If we stock coal more than there, there is a risk of fire.

Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jharkhand have their own mines but they did nothing to extract coal. It is learned that despite the approval, some state governments sat and cited the reason for not doing enough mining as a reason for corona and rain. Prolonged monsoon affected coal mining and rising prices of imported coal also helped to worsen the current situation. There has been a 12 per cent drop in foreign coal imports, which are mixed by power companies. He decided to use domestic coal to cover the losses due to high prices.

Coal India owes a lot to the states. Sources revealed that Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu are the big defaulters. All the states have to pay Rs 20,000 crore to Coal India.

Edited By: Shashank Pandey