Pramod Sawant said: Quit Congress Yatra started in Goa, Congress leader’s counterattack – bought an MLA for 40-50 crores

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Eight Congress MLAs in Goa joined the BJP on 14 September. Since then, the Congress has been continuously accusing the BJP of breaking the party. At the same time, Goa CM Pramod Sawant says that 8 Congress MLAs were ready to join BJP. He has faith in PM Modi, he was impressed by the double engine government in Goa. He joined the party unconditionally and we also welcomed him.

40-50 crores given to MLAs to change party
Goa CM said that on one hand Rahul Gandhi is doing India Jodo Yatra. On the other hand, Quit Congress Yatra has started in Goa. Now Goa Congress in-charge Dinesh Gundu Rao’s reaction has come on this statement of CM. He says that BJP had offered Rs 40-50 crore to the MLAs to change the party.

Congress had 11 MLAs in Goa, out of which 8 MLAs have been taken away by BJP by luring them with money. Now his eyes are on three Congress MLAs in the state.

Where does BJP get so much money from – Congress
Goa Congress in-charge raised questions on BJP and said that BJP is buying MLAs of other parties by paying money in every state. I don’t understand where they have so much money coming from. The central government is misusing the power. They are sabotaging the elected representatives in the states, while those who do not agree to come with them are put up by agencies like CBI and ED.

Investigating agencies do not take action against BJP leaders
Not a single BJP leader has received ED or CBI notices across the country. This shows the intention of the government. It is necessary to fight against this kind of politics, if we do not raise our voice then the country will be destroyed.

These are the figures of 8 Congress MLAs before joining the BJP.

Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Amit Patkar said that initially BJP had offered Rs 30 crore to a Congress MLA. When the Congress MLA turned down the offer, he was offered an additional Rs 10 crore within two hours.

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