Sant Kabir Nagar: Girls were worshiped on Wednesday at Hiralal Ram Niwas Saraswati Vidya Mandir, Khalilabad. Brothers and sisters and Acharyas prayed for the welfare of the people by worshiping the girl amidst chanting of mantras.

In the school, the girls studying in Arun and Uday of class infant were worshiped by wearing chunari. Ram Pratap Pandey said that worship and respect of girls is part of our culture. Its tradition has been going on for centuries. Worship of girls is necessary for the blessings. The worship of Adi Shakti is not complete without the worship of Kanya. Principal Subhash Chandra Mishra said that there is a law of worship of girls in the scriptures. Unmarried girls are true Yogini and Brahma Vidya. He is the creator and maintainer of the universe. On this occasion, members of the school family including Anil Tripathi, Sugriv Gupta, Monika Agrahari, Krishna Chandra were present. timely compliance of the instructions of the government

Sant Kabir Nagar: Block Education Officer at Belhar Kala Block Resource Center Dhirendra Tripathi said that there will be no compromise with the schemes being run by the government. It is the responsibility of all of us to comply with the instructions of the government in time. Action is fixed against those who are negligent in this.

The Block Education Officer was addressing the meeting of the principals of primary and junior schools on Wednesday as the chief guest. He said that schools should complete their work on time. School progress report, status of toilets for differently abled children under Mission Kayakalp, Mission Shakti, scholarship of minorities children, distribution of books, organizing sports, Amrit Mahotsav, all works under Kanya Sumangala Yojana to be completed immediately Go. He ordered to complete the unfinished work. Talked about taking action in case of negligence. Many people including Suresh Maurya, Satyaprakash Rai, Dharmendra Rai, Manvendra, Pankaj Singh, Sachita Rai, Vijay Pandey, Manoj, Bal Gobid Rai, Mohammad Naseem were present on this occasion. block level game boycott

General Secretary Suresh Maurya openly opposed the game to be held in the development block Belhar Kala. He says that if the government wants, it can organize competition by spending money itself. But getting the program done with the donations of teachers is not right. In such a voice, all the headmasters opposed this donation. He said that the teachers are forced to do all the work. There was talk of boycotting the sports competition.

Edited By: Jagran