New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Pre-bridal Treatments: Those who are soon going to be brides, they should prepare their hair and skin before the wedding. For this, she will need to undergo some special treatments in the pre-bridal grooming package, so that she looks different on her special day. If you are looking for some ways to look flawless on your wedding day, then this special treat is the best for you.

Let us know what kind of treatments brides can do before marriage.


It is not only used to make the brows look thicker, but it also enhances the shape of the brows. This treatment is done by making an incision on the skin with a nano blade, which will give you a finished look in no time.

Roller in fear

If you feel like your skin is hanging on, a derma roller is the perfect solution. The device creates microscopic punctures on our cells and helps improve elasticity by improving blood flow – leaving skin feeling younger and glowing, healthier.


Makeup looks best only when the texture of the skin is smooth. Do an exfoliation treatment a week or two before the wedding. This removes the dead skin cells, which makes the skin silky, soft. And your makeup will also look good on such skin.


It is necessary to do a facial a week before the wedding. There are different types of facials for every skin problem. Talk to your dermatologist, he will give you the right advice according to your skin type.

face polishing

Everyone wants to look like a queen on their wedding day. This treatment will not only make your skin beautiful but will also clean your pores, so that there will be no skin related problems. Whether you are looking to get rid of dry patches or pimples, face polishing will prove to be perfect for you. This will make your skin look healthy.

Deep Chemical Peel

Chemical peels make your skin look and feel much younger. This starts the process of exfoliation, which gives a quick boost to the cells. This means your skin gets rid of blemishes and becomes soft and glowing.

Edited By: Ruhee Parvez