Meerut, Jn. Political Science is a major question paper for the students of ISC 12th who are studying in Humanities. For its preparation, model paper and its answer key have also been made available on Dainik Jagran’s website. Till now Political Science used to have detailed answer type questions, but this time multiple choice based questions will be asked. For its preparation, the notes made by the candidates themselves will also be very useful. Neelam Chauhan, teacher of Sophia Girls School, is giving some important tips in this subject.

The theory will be understood from the notes

The examinees should make comprehensive notes. This will make it easier for you to understand the theory.

Answer the question after reading it completely

In Multiple Choice Based Examination, it is seen that many of the aspirants go through the questions in a hurry and fill up the wrong answers. This is also because they read the question incorrectly and answer it. For this, the examinees should consider every option before choosing their answer. Eliminate the completely wrong options first.

All options can be true or false

There may be some questions in the exam in which all the given options may be correct. Such questions should be read carefully. In this question, if more than one option seems correct, then in such questions all the above options can be correct. Apart from this, it may also happen in some questions that all the options in the given question are wrong, in which none of the above options may also be correct. For this, the answer is found only after solving the questions very carefully. Multiple choice questions are asked in rotation.

View model paper on Dainik Jagran’s website

On behalf of Dainik Jagran, model papers are being made available for the board candidates of term one. This time MCQ i.e. multiple choice based exam is being conducted. Due to the large question paper, it has been made available on Dainik Jagran’s website. Along with this, the answer key has also been given. You can see the model paper and its answer key by scanning the QR code published in the newspaper. The teacher’s tips for the concerned subject have been published here.

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