Prisoners set fire to Pakistan’s Gujarat jail after ruckus, 200 escaped

WorldPrisoners set fire to Pakistan's Gujarat jail after ruckus, 200 escaped
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Another problem has come to the fore amidst the deteriorating economic situation in Pakistan and the prolonged blackout. About 200 prisoners escaped from a jail in Gujarat. The prisoners created a ruckus in the jail and also set fire to the jail. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the flames and smoke, these prisoners escaped from the jail.

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It is being told that after the incident of fire in the jail, the prisoners created a ruckus. Taking advantage of the opportunity, about 200 prisoners escaped from the jail. It is noteworthy that the news of the absconding of 200 prisoners amidst starvation and blackout in the country has created panic in the country. Presently the police is searching for these prisoners.

Protest in Gilgit-Baltistan

The huge problems of price rise, sinking economy as well as power cuts in Gilgit-Baltistan saw huge resentment among the people of the region. There is also resentment among people in the area over increased electricity bills and withdrawal of government subsidies on electricity during winters, when the demand for electricity is high. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan accused the Pakistan Army and the PoK government of exploiting the area’s natural resources.

Pakistan immersed in darkness

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There has been a fault in the high-tension transmission lines between Quetta and Guddu in Pakistan. Due to this a large part of Pakistan has been plunged into darkness. There is no electricity in 22 districts of Balochistan including Quetta. Important parts of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi were left without power for hours. People in these areas have been seen grappling with the crisis of power cuts.

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