Puja-Parva: Tomorrow will be done in Tripushkar Yoga, Ashadh Dwadashi fast, auspicious coincidence for shopping too; Halharini Amavasya will be celebrated on 28th

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The Dwadashi of Ashadh month dedicated to Lord Vishnu is on 25th June. Its importance is as much as Yogini Ekadashi. By keeping a fast on this day, special worship of Lord Vishnu increases happiness and prosperity. On this day there is Tripushkar Yoga which will be auspicious for rituals and shopping. This yoga will start at around 10:35 in the morning and will continue till the next morning. Auspicious work done in this yoga gives three fold benefits. On this day there is a story of Lord Satyanarayan and charity and charity are also done.

Lord Vishnu is the lord of Dwadashi
Puri’s astrologer Dr. Ganesh Mishra says that Lord Vishnu himself is the owner of Dwadashi Tithi. Therefore their worship is of great importance on this date. It is said in Skanda and Narada Purana that Vishnu worship performed on Dwadashi Tithi is considered to give happiness and prosperity. The virtue obtained by worshiping on this day never ends. Also, by offering Tulsi to Lord Shalagram on this day, one gets the virtue of great donation. Goddess Tulsi is considered to be the form of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, on this day, a lamp should be lit near Tulsi in the morning and evening.

Amavasya will remain for two days
After Dwadashi, Shiva will be worshiped on Pradosh. After this, Amavasya will be on two days 28 and 29 June. On the first day, Halaharini will be on Tuesday and on the second day there will be Amavasya of bath-donation. On Amavasya, people engaged in farming activities will worship plows, tractors and agricultural implements, while other devotees will bathe in holy rivers and do charity.

For the farmers, the auspicious Halahari Amavasya is considered the best day for sowing the crop. Farmers worship Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe, Maa Annapurna along with plows and other agricultural implements. It is believed that along with increasing happiness and prosperity, the crop yield is also good.

two days of shiv puja
After Dwadashi, two consecutive days will be special for the worship of Lord Shiva. Pradosh on 26th and Shiva Chaturdashi on 27th June. Abhishek of Bholenath and chanting the mantra Om Namah Shivaya on both these dates ends all kinds of troubles. This time, worshiping Shiva in the combination of Pradosh on Sunday will remove physical ailments and increase the age. At the same time, due to Monday on Shiva Chaturdashi, the auspicious results of special worship of Shiva will increase further. Because it is the day of Shiva.

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