Moscow, ap. Russian President Vladimir Putin has described Moscow’s military action in Ukraine as a response to Western policies. Speaking at the Victory Day military parade on Monday marking the World War II victory over the Nazis, Putin drew parallels between the Red Army’s fighting against Nazi troops and the Russian military’s actions in Ukraine. He said that Russian soldiers are fighting for the country’s security in Ukraine. During this, Putin observed a minute’s silence in honor of the soldiers who died in the war.

On Victory Day, President Vladimir Putin said Russian forces in Ukraine were protecting their homeland from danger. Also said that Russian forces in Ukraine are continuing the fight against Nazism.

Military parade organized on Red Square

On the occasion of Victory Day, a military parade was organized on Red Square on Monday. This event is organized every year. Tanks, armored vehicles, vehicles carrying giant intercontinental ballistic missiles were seen in the military parade.

An unacceptable threat existed between Russian borders

Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a military parade, sought to justify his attack, claiming that an absolutely unacceptable threat (NATO) existed right next to our borders. Putin has repeatedly alleged that Ukraine was planning to attack Russia, which Kyiv has vehemently denied.

On the occasion of Victory Day, troops and weapons of Russian soldiers were not seen much.

Troops and weapons were not seen much on Victory Day this year, as Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is currently underway and most of its troops and weapons are stationed in Ukraine and on its borders.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan