New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Queen Elizabeth: Common people have always been interested to read or know about the lifestyle, their likes and habits of the royal family. Whether this information about Princess Diana, King Charles, his children or Queen Elizabeth.

Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth on September 8 of this year, people have been remembering her every day. Meanwhile, another interesting thing has come to light about him! Queen Elizabeth’s drinking habit may surprise you.

Let us tell you that the Queen used to take 4 cocktails a day every day. She used to have four of her favorite cocktails every day before and after meals. Former royal cook Daren McGrady said Queen Elizabeth used to have her first drink shortly before lunch. The drink was made of gin and dunknet, with a slice of lemon and lots of ice. Queen used to enjoy this drink very much.

After lunch, the Queen used to have a small piece of chocolate and a glass of wine. Queen Elizabeth’s cousin Margaret Rodgers reveals she was once a fan of dry gin martinis. Queen Elizabeth’s last drink of the day was Champagne, which she took before bed at night. These four drinks are being considered the epitome of elegance and class!

Not only this, the Queen also loved the special kind of cake, which was specially prepared for her by the chef of Buckingham Palace. She used to eat a slice of chocolate biscuit cake everyday. Even when she was traveling, she used to take a senior chef along with her. So that their favorite snack is not missed.

Picture Courtesy: Instagram

Edited By: Ruhee Parvez