Rahul Gandhi and 119 people running 7 hours a day: If the right technique is not adopted on the asphalt road, then the knees will be weak, depression can also happen

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The Bharat Jodi Yatra of Congress, which started from Kanyakumari, will last for 150 days. The 3,570 km journey will cover 12 states and 2 union territories. 119 passengers with Rahul Gandhi are walking for 7 hours everyday. During this they cover a distance of 20 to 22 km. He has walked more than 160 kms in the last 8 days. Among the pedestrians, 32 are women.

We often hear about the benefits of walking, today we will talk in the news of the need that how much a fit person should walk in a day, what can be the harm to our body especially the feet due to continuous walking. ..

Our experts are- Gaurav Ahluwalia, Sports Physiotherapist (National Boxing Team)

First of all, do you know that there is any rule for walking? The answer is- yes, what is it, write it down, read in the creative

Question- How many kilometers should a fit person walk daily?
According to an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine, to stay healthy, one must walk 4400 steps daily and walk a maximum of 7500 steps. Gaurav Ahluwalia, Sports Physiotherapist says – It depends a lot on your lifestyle. You should understand how much your body allows you to walk. Always listen to your body.

Those who are going to walk for the first time should start with 1000 steps. Then it should be increased gradually.

Question- People are walking continuously for 7 hours daily with Rahul Gandhi. Can it cause any harm in terms of health?
Three things are essential for such a journey. 1. Hydration 2. Energy and 3. Recovery.

It is quite possible that those who are traveling will have already done their basic homework and practiced walking. They must be taking a good diet, doing warm-ups.

If someone has not practiced and is not taking care of himself, then he can be harmed. This will lead to swelling and other problems in the muscles. Therefore, it is important to take care of recovery along with walking by giving breaks. It is very important to have nutrition based food and good sleep.

Continuous walking can have this effect on the body

So if you have a lot of walking or running, then you should exercise your legs regularly. Take healthy foods. If you feel pain, consult a physiotherapist immediately.

Question- How will a common man know that he is walking more?
Symptoms of excessive walking can be mentally and physically. The thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will experience all of these symptoms.

If you are showing any of the following symptoms, it may be that you walk a lot.

Doing so is wrong for your body. The body will exhaust, and after that you will not get any benefit from walking.

If you see these symptoms after walking a lot, then be alert

Note- The number of times the heart beats per minute while the body is at rest is called resting heart rate. It varies according to age, gender and fitness.

Question- What should be eaten before walk or any other type of workout?
answer- We need 3 things. EHR remember this.

E means energy- Dinner is eaten at the right time. If we have taken good sleep, then we will get the right energy for the walkout in the morning. Perfect if you have eaten a banana or apple before starting a workout, or have a biscuit with bed tea.

H means hydrationWhile walking, you can use normal water or coconut water. This will keep the body hydrated.

R means recovery- It doesn’t just mean rest. It can be in any form of diet, nutrition, massage, rest.

The sports world works out on the basis of this principle.

Question- Travelers say that they have to walk in the morning, so breakfast is heavy. Is it okay to walk after a heavy breakfast?
answer- It is always advisable to have a heavy breakfast. But keep in mind that carbohydrates should not be high in it. Our morning meal is low in protein. Carbohydrates go away giving instant energy. After that we start feeling weak. Muscles are wear and tear for walks and workouts, for that it is important to have the right amount of protein in our breakfast.

I do not know what these people are eating, what is the quantity in their diet chart. It is of course that the idea of ​​working out or walking after a heavy breakfast is not right.

It is just like this that fuel is poured, filled the stomach and started the walk. Better than this, have a light nutrition breakfast and eat it in the break. Take care of hydration and breaks. It will give long time energy.

By eating and working out immediately, all the blood of our body comes in the intestine i.e. Intestine. In order to digest the food, the digestive system gets activated. Due to which acid starts to form. If you start drinking water during the walk, then it spoils the digestion. The movement of acid also starts due to the walk. This causes acidity problem.

Question- Some people walk at high speed, they think it is good for health. How to know whether our walking speed is right or not?
Do not walk at high speed. Your walking speed should be the same as your maximum heart rate (MHR) at 50-70%. For this you need to have a heart rate monitor. However, it is not available to everyone. So to know MHR you can take walk test.

talk test- Walk at the same speed that you can say a full sentence before you breathe out. For example – once breathed, then before breathing again, say – I am walking. If you can do this, then your walking speed is correct.

At what age should I walk?

Note- Elderly and people with knee problems should not walk without doctor’s advice.

Question- People who will have problems like knee pain, swelling or heel pain due to travel, how long will it take for them to recover?
According to Bhopal Physician Dr. Balkrishna, if such people rest well, then it may take at least 1 week for them to recover.

Question- There are also 32 women in this journey. Can women be more tired than men?
Yes, it can be. Knee problems are more common in women than men. During periods, there is a lack of estrogen hormone in them. Due to this also the problem of knee pain increases.

Women who have had menopause. They lack calcium. However, most of the women in this journey are in the age group of 30-40 years. They do not have menopause. So they just need to be alert about fitness.

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