Kochi, Agencies: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on the BJP and the central government, claiming that demonetisation and GST were not the mistakes of the Narendra Modi government, but were “thoughtfully designed to destroy small businesses and benefit a select few big industrialists”. ‘ There were steps taken.

Congress General Secretary (Communications) Jairam Ramesh said that during Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s interaction with representatives of Information Technology (IT) and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sectors, he was questioned about these two economic steps Were. Responding to this, Ramesh said, Rahul Gandhi called demonetisation and GST a “deliberate attempt” by the Modi government to destroy the MSME sector.

Addressing people after the end of Wednesday’s visit at Paravoor Junction in Aluva during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi alleged that Prime Minister Modi was taking money from common people and giving it to some of his special rich friends. He said that apart from demonetisation and GST, the corona lockdown also had an adverse impact on small enterprises, workers, farmers and sections of the society.

Adani was also attacked

Rahul Gandhi also targeted the country’s leading industrialist Gautam Adani. He said Adani can monopolize any business he wants in the country. Without naming Adani, the Congress leader said the world’s second richest person is from India and asked who was giving him money to set up a business. These days Rahul Gandhi is taking out India Jodo Yatra to save the sinking boat of Congress. In which apart from doing the work of spreading awareness among the people about the party, they are also continuously targeting the central government of the country.

Edited By: Amit Singh