Rajasthan needs 27 rakes of coal daily: Only then will 100% electricity be generated from all thermal power units, this is the math of coal supply and consumption to deal with the crisis

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Power crisis continues in Rajasthan. To re-run all the closed units of all the power plants of the state, a total of 1 lakh 8 thousand tonnes of coal is required daily. That is, 27 rakes of coal are received regularly by the state, only then all the units will be able to start.

At present, on an average, the state is getting only 15 rakes of coal every day. Although the Energy Department is feeling the need of roughly 21 rakes of coal to run all the plants, but at present it does not have any mathematics that after the arrival of so many rakes, whether the power generation will be started according to the capacity. The daily learned from the Department of Energy and experts related to power generation that at least how many rakes of coal are required to run all the power stations. What is the math of coal to run the power generating units of the power station. What is the arrangement with the government?

Suratgarh Super Critical Thermal Power Station.

3 rakes of coal are being installed in Suratgarh thermal, a total of 10 rakes are needed

Unit number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in Suratgarh total 5 units of 250-250 MW are closed. They also take more coal. To run them, 5 rakes of coal are required daily. In Suratgarh, a super critical 660 MW unit of number 7 is closed. Which requires 2 rakes of coal daily to run. In this way, 7 more rakes of coal are needed to restart the closed units of Suratgarh. The old 250 MW unit number 1 and the super critical 660 MW unit number 8 are operational at Suratgarh plant. Both these units are consuming 3 rakes of coal daily. The rest of the units are stalled due to shortage of coal. That is, 10 rakes of coal will be required to run all the units of Suratgarh.

Chhabra Thermal Power Plant.

3 racks being installed in Chhabra Thermal Power Plant, total 8 racks of coal needed

Unit numbers 2, 3 and 4 are closed in Chhabra. To restart these 3 units of 250-250 MW, 3 rakes of coal are required daily. Apart from this, a super critical unit number 6 of 660 MW in Chhabra itself is also running closed due to shutdown. Which requires 2 rakes of coal daily to run it out of shutdown. A total of 5 rakes of coal are required daily to start these. In Chhabra, 1 unit of old 250 MW of number 1 is operational. Which takes 1 rake of coal daily. Along with this, unit number 5 of 660 MW is operational, in which 2 rakes of coal are used daily. In this way, 3 rakes of coal in Chhabra are currently being consumed in the operational units. Whereas 8 rakes of coal are required daily to run the entire unit.

Unit shut down due to ESP collapse

However, Chhabra’s unit is said to be closed due to technical reasons. But the real reason was the big accident that happened here. It will take time to rebuild the damaged parts and structure due to the accident. The ESP of Unit-4 at Chhabra collapsed on the night of 8 September 2021. The worker was buried under thousands of tons of iron and hot ash. NDRF and SDRF were able to take out her body in 6 days. The body was recovered from under the hopper of Unit 5 and 6. After which the unit administration also closed down unit 3. Unit No. 2 was already shut down due to leakage in the boiler tube. After this Unit 1 was also closed. It is said that property worth more than Rs 200 crore was damaged in this accident.

Kota Thermal Power Station.

5 racks of coal being installed in Kota Thermal Power Station

While Kota Thermal Power Station has 2 units of 110,110 MW, 3 units of 210-210 MW, 2 units of 195-195 MW are operational. The capacity of the plant together with all these 7 units is 1240 MW. About 5 rakes of coal are being installed in Kota Thermal Power Station.

Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant.

4 racks of coal being installed in Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant

2 units of 600-600 MW power generation are running in Kalisindh Thermal Power Plant. In which about 4 rakes of coal are being used.

coal rack consumption

3 rakes in Suratgarh, 3 rakes in Chhabra, 5 rakes in Kota, 4 rakes in Kalisindh i.e. total 15 rakes of coal are being consumed on an average in these plants. To make all the units operational, Suratgarh needs a total of 10, Chhabra 8, Kota 5, Kali Sindh 4 rakes i.e. a total of 27 rakes of coal.

Calculation of supply of coal in Rajasthan

From 8 October to 12 October, Rajasthan has been able to get between 14 and 16 rakes daily. In this way, only about 15 rakes of coal have been received by the state on an average on daily basis. In this, the state has got 9 rakes from PKCL company. 5 rakes from NCL and 1 rake have been found for lifting coal from SECL road and then loading it. Which comes in 3-4 days. In this way 15 racks have been made. But even regular 1 rake from South Eastern Coalfields Limited has not started coming till now after loading it in the goods train.

Gap in current availability and requirement of coal

At least 27 rakes of coal are required to start all the units. Whereas at present, only 15 rakes are being available on an average due to thrust. In such a situation, there is a need for 12 more extra coal rakes. So that the closed units of all the plants can be started. If the unit which was closed due to accident and technical reasons in Chhabra does not want to start now, then instead of 8, 3 rakes will work in coal. But then power generation will not be possible from 5 units. Even in such a situation, the state needs at least 22 rakes of coal.


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