Coimbatore, Pretr. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has stressed the need to make collective efforts to save soil and environment. He also talked about adopting eco-friendly values ​​for a better future. He said that as a responsible nation, India has been continuously striving for soil conservation inspired by its tradition and culture. He said that we have understood very well that soil conservation cannot be done only by focusing on the soil. So we have tried to preserve and enhance all other components like afforestation, wildlife, wetlands etc.

He was virtually addressing the ‘Save Soil’ program organized by Isha Foundation at the Indian Air Force Base in Sulur on Tuesday. He said that it is well known that the solution of collective problems is possible only through collective efforts. So today it is necessary that we all try to protect the soil and environment together and move towards a better world. He said that returning to the past is not possible nor would it be appropriate but we have to find new technologies in the field of science, make innovations which can maintain our eco-friendly values. The minister said that we should become companions of nature and have a feeling of reverence and respect for the living beings as well as the non-living elements of nature. That should be our aim.

Our health depends on the quality of the surrounding air and soil.

Pointing out the similarity with yoga, Rajnath Singh said that today is International Yoga Day and he wishes everyone good luck for this day. He said that our body and mind are inextricably linked to each other. Yoga keeps our body and mind healthy. Similarly, our health also depends on the quality of the surrounding air and soil.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan