Raju Srivastava’s 6 unfulfilled wishes: Dream of becoming an MP, doing a comedy show like Kapil; Film City Near Kanpur

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Raju Srivastava passed away on Wednesday after fighting for life for 42 days. Raju, who was successful first in comedy and then politics, wanted to make a film city in Unnao between Lucknow-Kanpur in UP. He also lobbied in the SP and then the BJP government. Not only this, there were other aspirations which went with him.

The daily explained to Raju’s friends about his planning and unfulfilled wishes.

Khwaish 1: Wanted to work for Kanpur by becoming an MP
Raju Srivastava’s friend Gyanesh Mishra said, “Raju had made up his mind to contest elections in 2012. He was very close to SP chief Mulayam Singh in those days. Mulayam sent him from either Phulpur, Kanpur or Unnao in Prayagraj. Was asked to prepare for Lok Sabha. In this Raju chose Kanpur. He had started hard work on Kanpur. But, there was no support from SP leaders. After this he joined BJP in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He aspires to become MP. was left incomplete.”

Khwaish 2: Film City’s dream in Unnao
Shyam Shukla, a childhood friend of Raju says, “A film city should be made in the state. Raju used to do a lot of planning for this. He met Mulayam and Akhilesh several times in the SP government. When the Yogi government came in 2017, he implemented his planning. We started wearing clothes again. The proposal reached the government’s table. There were plans to build a film city in Unnao. Raju was very excited about it.”

Raju's childhood friend Shyam Shukla says that Raju wanted to do a lot for Kanpur.  But before that he died.

Khwahish 3: Comedy-Poetry Show with Kumar Vishwas
This is from 2014. Shyam Shukla explains, “Raju was supposed to do a TV show with Kavi Kumar Vishwas. It was supposed to have a cocktail of humor and poetry. It was a new experiment in itself. It took people with Kumar Vishwas’s poetry. There was also a tinge of humour. Talks with an entertainment channel for the show were almost finalised. But, the TV show could not be made due to some reasons.”

Khwaish 4: Raju could not give platform to artists
Shyam Shukla says, “Raju, who achieved his destination after a hard struggle, was worried about new artists. He wanted to provide a platform to new artists, which would make the path of new artists easy. He wanted a platform to give opportunities to new talent. Wanted to prepare. For this he also talked to many production houses. Raju helped many artists of the city to reach the TV and film world.”

Raju's childhood friend Shyam Shukla shared many of his plans with the daily.

Khwaish 5: Wanted to build a big government hospital in Kanpur
Friend Gyanesh Mishra said, “Raju’s mother had passed away on the way to the hospital 6 years ago. He could not get treatment as there was no big hospital in Kanpur South. Due to his mother’s death due to lack of treatment. Unhappy Raju wanted a hospital like Hallet in South Kanpur. So that no patient dies due to lack of treatment. For this he personally made many efforts. He also talked to MLA and MP continuously for this.

Along with former MLA Ajay Kapoor, Raju's plan was to run a campaign to save the joint family.

Khwaish 7: Wanted to run a campaign to save the joint family
Former MLA Ajay Kapoor says, “Often Raju was worried about joint families breaking up. I started an old age home in Bithoor. Raju was very sad about this. Raju wanted to run a campaign to unite families. Raju’s motive in this. It was that the joint family should grow. Elderly grandparents and parents should be respected in their homes. They should not be sent to old age homes. For this, Raju had made a plan to organize Sanskar Shala programs at the state level. He himself took an active role in this. There was a place to stay.”

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