Dharamsala, Jagran Correspondent. The ongoing dispute between State Forest and Youth Services and Sports Minister Rakesh Pathania and former minister Sudhir Sharma has now become public. At the same time, Rakesh Pathania has taken a jibe against Sudhir Sharma. On this, District Congress Committee Kangra spokesperson Jagroop Singh said in the statement that the remarks being made by Rakesh Pathania against Sudhir Sharma are baseless. Before speaking anything against Sudhir Sharma, Rakesh Pathania should put an explanation before the Chief Minister regarding the crushing defeat in the Fatehpur by-election.

He said that why Rakesh Pathania does not keep the truth of the allegations leveled against the son of Rakesh Pathania by a BJP leader in front of the public. The popularity of the Forest Minister has been completely denied by the public in the Fatehpur by-election and the Congress has got a huge majority in the semi-finals of Himachal Pradesh’s Sata.

He said that Rakesh Pathania should prepare for the contest against Ajay Mahajan in his light before making remarks against Congress stalwart Sudhir Sharma. Now everyone is aware of how much popularity he has even lightly. Jagroop Singh said that Rakesh Pathania also has youth services and sports department.

As Sports Minister, he should tell how many sports stadiums he has built so far for the youth in the assembly constituencies of the state and how many sports stadiums work is going on. How the government has also handed over the department. He has asked the Forest Minister to leave the air announcements and come to the ground and work for the convenience of the public.

Edited By: Richa frog