New Delhi, JNNl Rakhi Sawant Birthday: Today is Rakhi Sawant’s birthday. Rakhi Sawant often remains in media news about her statements. Want to do this. This statement of Rakhi Sawant went viral very fast. Many people reacted in different ways to this.

Rakhi Sawant is considered the Controversial and Drama Queen of Bollywood. Today is Rakhi Sawant’s birthday. She has turned 43. If we look at Rakhi Sawant’s controversial statements, she had said on one occasion that she likes Rahul Gandhi and that she would like him. Wants to get married. Rakhi Sawant was born on 25 November 1978. This changed name of Rakhi Sawant. Her real name is Neeru Ship and she comes from a poor family. Rakhi Sawant once told about the background of her family that at the wedding of Anil and Tina Ambani, for only ₹ 50 per day, she also fed people while working.

Rakhi Sawant had said in an interview in 2007 that she came out of poverty and worked hard to earn money. She also said that her mother used to work as a cleaner in a hospital. There was a scarcity of drinking. Due to this many times she had to eat people’s false food. Rakhi Sawant had also revealed that at the age of 11, when she wanted to play dandiya, her mother punished her for her hair. were cut

Rakhi Sawant may once again be seen in Bigg Boss. According to reports, she will be seen as a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 15. Rakhi Sawant has appeared in Bigg Boss even before this. Her arrival creates a fun-filled atmosphere in the house and Because of this, Bigg Boss is once again in the process of cashing in on her. Rakhi Sawant has worked in many films. She is also known for doing special numbers.

Edited By: Rupesh Kumar