Ram Katha: Shri Ram appears as a warrior in every situation and situation. Throughout life they seem to be at war with their surroundings. Today, any person who gets nervous when a little problem comes, can take inspiration from his ideals. He set an ideal by conquering the difficulties of life.

Shri Ram was brought up like a prince, but he always stayed away from pleasure, hunting and other addictions. The ‘holding’ of the eyes of father Dasharatha, Ram’s childhood had not even passed properly that Rishi Vishwamitra asked him for the protection of the sacrifice. Kaushalya, along with the father and other mothers, hands over Rama and Lakshmana by placing a stone on their chest. The presence of those two brothers in the swayamvar organized by King Janak is a mere coincidence. Ravana and Banasura reach the swayamvar and fill their hearts. Seeing this, Sita’s mind was agitated for a moment, but Shri Ram broke her bow and cleared her doubts and she was called Siyavar Ramchandra.

Shri Ram reached Ayodhya with Sita ji. The city was lit, but Dasaratha, surrounded by words, while giving the kingdom to his son, sits in exile. Kaikeyi hands over the clothes of the forest dwellers with her own hands to Rama and newlywed Sita, more dear than Bharata. The streets of Ayodhya are lined with petals in the celebration of the coronation. At the same time, Rama, Sita and Lakshmana leave barefoot for the forest. Ram’s mind is dualistic even in such circumstances. He himself gives coolness to Sita by bearing the ravages of the seasons:

Mahabal near Ram to the gham.

Sitahin cost is very simple.

As the body of the dense-sanjut Damini.

There are taxes on Pushan.

(Ramachandrika by Keshavdas, Ayodhya Kand)

Ram’s heartbreak can be felt by connecting deeply with what happens next. After Sitaharan, Shri Ram starts lamenting very much at the profound unconsciousness of his brother. At the same time, he does not take the credit of Lanka victory to Kapiraj and Vanarayuth. When they return to Ayodhya, the townspeople are happy that come on, now the path of Lord Rama to take over the throne has become flawless. But Vidhana’s games were unique. You can imagine the circumstance in which King Ram would have abandoned Sita in the hope of remaining dear to the subjects.

Even scolding and reprimanding the insolent washermen, they find it against the rajdharma. Do what to do Where to go Celebrate whom, they have no option but to get angry with themselves. Shri Ram first gets entangled in deer-greed, later breaks in public-greed. In today’s contexts, in the midst of every new rar and strife, there is a frequent remembrance of a living hero like Ram ji, who shines like a kundan in every difficulty and hoists the flag of victory over difficulties. Along with worshiping Ram ji, if people take them into practice, then the tribulations and strife around the world will be eradicated.

Santosh Kumar Tiwari, (Ram Katha scholar)

Edited By: Kartikey Tiwari