Meerut, Jn. Science paper in CBSE Class 10th Term-One exam will be held on Thursday, December 2. In the 10th Science paper, questions related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology are asked from all three subjects. Two teachers teach this subject in schools as well. The model paper of CBSE class 10th is being published on the website of Dainik Jagran for the practice of the students. Along with this, TGT Chemistry and Biology Sonu Wadhwa and TGT Physics Shalini Sharma of Dewan Public School are giving necessary tips to the candidates for good preparation.

Understand the paper and prepare

CBSE class 10th Science is of 40 marks. There will be 90 minutes paper and 20 minutes extra reading time. There will be a total of 60 questions in which 50 questions will have to be answered in all the three sections. You have to score 14 marks in Physics, 16 marks in Chemistry and 10 marks in Biology. There are 20 questions to be answered out of 24 in Section A-B and 10 questions out of 12 in Section-C.

Read NCERTs, Solve KV Papers

Read class notes and NCERT books carefully. Solve questions, examples, practice questions and activities given in NCERT. Keep solving NCERT examples. Solve question papers issued by Kendriya Vidyalaya. Solve CBSE model papers on OMR sheets. Keep practicing drawing diagrams. Take care of time management in the exam. Read the question twice and indicate the answer on the OMR only if the answer is accurate.

tips for physics

Read the formula properly, take care of the arrows in the diagram.

Remember the new Cartesian sign conventions while solving numericals.

Read the SI unit properly, understand the difference between the examples of Natural Feminina and Physical Quality.

Keep the concept of mirror and lens clear and learn how to use them.

Note the difference between distance and distance.

Solve the questions of Refractive Active Index, Glass Prism properly.

Use Snail’s Law of Refection on Light with caution.

Keep this in mind in Biology

-Learn how to label a diagram for identification in the given figure.

Practice by preparing questions based on flow charts.

-Prepare activity and case based questions from NCERTs.

helpful tips in chemistry

Practice by writing chemical equations only.

Practice balancing the chemical equation.

Remember the names, formulas, colors and uses of some common salts.

Remember the common and chemical names in the common compound.

Practice the activities and their diagrams contained in the NCERT book.


View model paper on Dainik Jagran’s website

Jagran Correspondent, Meerut: Dainik Jagran is publishing model papers and paper tips for the term-one board candidates under Mission Examination. Due to the large number of MCQs i.e. multiple choice question paper, it is being published on Dainik Jagran’s website www.dbddddhmmddtth.shradd. All ISC students preparing for term-one examination can see the model paper on the above website. Along with the tips published in the newspaper, QR code and link are also being given. Candidates will be able to view the model paper directly on Dainik Jagran’s website by scanning the QR code with their mobile camera. Candidates can practice by looking at the online paper. Apart from practicing from this paper, all the candidates can also match their answer with the answer key of the model paper on the website itself.

Edited By: Jagran