Reet paper leak: 150 cases of paper leaks annually since 11 years… No one is punished, will Battilal and his associates be punished?

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Police and SOG are engaged in action in the case of the leak of the paper of Reet-2021. After the arrest of Battilal, three more people have been arrested. Although whether they will be punished or not, that is the biggest question. Because more than 40 exam mafia are active in the state. Their henchmen look for dummy candidates. Along with this, they are also responsible for finding solvers, buying hi-tech equipment, preparing the center for leaking the form.

Dummy candidate’s deal for Rs 5 lakh
The copying mafia center colludes with the operator and the inspectors. Depending on the category of the exam, the form is leaked for up to Rs 1.50 crore. The deal for a dummy candidate is up to Rs 5 lakh.

More than 38 exam papers leaked
In 11 years, more than 38 major examinations had leaked papers. Recently, the paper leak of NEET and SI recruitment has also come to the fore.

Administrative officers, teachers also involved

Former RPSC chairman Habib Khan Gauran is accused of leaking RJS papers. Recently, policemen from Samadhopur have also been caught in reet paper leak.

There is a provision of 7 years imprisonment in the law

Imprisonment for 7 years under sections 420, 467, 468 of IPC, up to 3 years under Public Examination Act. On an average 150 cases are registered every year in 11 years. Punish no one.

Issue- Paper leak, dummy candidate in every exam. Organized gangs challenge the government- ‘There will be paper out an hour before’. That happened too. RAS, RPS are also involved. We Rajasthani never wanted such identity of our state… 4 experts are telling the solution

NN Mathur, Retd. Justice, Rajasthan High Court – An agency should be formed to maintain the sanctity of the examination.

NN Mathur, former Justice of Rajasthan High Court and Vice Chancellor of National Law University, Jodhpur, says- ‘I was in the interview panel of UPSC for 3 years. When did he go to Delhi, where did he stay, even my PA did not know. I never made it public. Sharing for the first time. UPSC does not appoint the chairman and its members as PM or ministers. In the appointment of institutions in the states, there is interference of CM, minister-officers. The chairman makes rounds of the ministers. They do not get angry, so they get the results issued by the minister. Allegations of fraud abound. To maintain the sanctity of the examination, a credible agency should be formed.

Lalit K Panwar, former chairman of RPSC – Print the paper a thousand km away, also go to the online exam

Former RPSC chairman and senior IAS Lalit K Panwar says- ‘The clue was found that a special jacket has been made for copying in winter. We reached the person in Delhi on the basis of vigilance-intelligence, from where the jacket was being sold for 20 thousand rupees. In two years, 90 out of 110 exams were conducted online, 45 thousand youth got jobs without any dispute. In 2016, UPSC chairman, officers of 6 state commissions came to see our foolproof management. Keep an eye on Online Exams with Cyber ​​Expert. If you want to do offline then change the tester frequently. Paper printed 1000 km away. Catch the copying gang or the suspect gang before the exam.

Pro. Uday Kumar Yaragatti, MNIT Director – We got paper sets made and recruited non-teaching staff

MNIT Director Prof. Uday Kumar Yaragatti said- ‘It is possible to get rid of rigging, paper leaks and copying. If there is a big plan and can implement it. We recently recruited Non Teaching Staff. Get A, B, C, D sets of papers prepared from different experts. A high level committee was constituted and a set was selected. The question numbers of the candidates sitting back and forth were also different. Just one day before the date of examination, get the paper printed with high speed printing machine and send it to the centers. We have to change the pattern to stop duplication. Now there is talk of implementing our pattern in other NITs also.

Dr. Devaswaroop, VC, Law University – Rules and regulations should be strict, honest should also get rewards

Dr. Devaswaroop, VC of Law University, who was the Joint Secretary of UGC, said – ‘Checks and balances are needed to stop copying and forgery. Just like the honest man should be rewarded, the dishonest should be punished. People of copying gangs are using technology but can stop it. NTA conducts examinations of lakhs of children. It is fun to get complaints of paper out or rigging. Because, the rules and regulations are strict. The business of copying has grown into a very big business. The involvement of big coaching centers and influential people has also been found in some cases. Still, even if caught, strict action is not taken. If this task is given in the hands of an honest person, then there is less chance that such incidents will happen. The entire system is running on give and take.

Contents : Manoj Sharma / Omprakash Sharma


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