New Delhi, PTI. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has reached number 53 in Forbes’ latest Global 2000 list. It has registered an increase of two places. This list is made on public companies around the world. The world’s largest companies are included in the Forbes Global 2000 ranking. The list has been prepared by looking at the company’s four metrics – sales, profit, assets and market value.

Stake Bank of India to be named after Reliance

After Reliance in this list, Stake Bank of India is named. It is at number 105. After this, HDFC Bank is at number 153, ICICI Bank is at number 204. Among other Indian companies, ONGC is at number 228. While HDFC is at 268th, IOC at 357th, TCS at 384th, Tata Steel at 407th and Axis Bank at 431st. According to Forbes, companies in the energy and banking sectors are at the top of public companies in Forbes’ Global 2000 list.

Reliance’s sale stood at $104.6 billion

Reliance’s sales between April 2021 and March 2022 have been $104.6 billion. It is the first Indian company, which touched the annual revenue mark of $100 billion. According to Forbes, Reliance has climbed two places to 53rd in the Global 2000. In the case of Indian companies, it is at number one.

Ambani’s wealth estimated at $ 90.7 billion

Earlier this year, Forbes estimated Ambani’s wealth at $90.7 billion. He was ranked 10th in the Billionaires list.

Dhirubhai Ambani started the business in the early 1960s

Mukesh Ambani’s father Dhirubhai Ambani started the business in the early 1960s with an import and export license of nylon, rayon and polyester. Today this company’s businesses include plastics and petrochemicals, mobile telecommunications services and retail.

Edited By: Ashish Deep