Republic Day 2023: These are the best art and craft to make on Republic Day, will be useful in children’s projects

LifestyleRepublic Day 2023: These are the best art and craft to make...
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Republic Day 2023: On the occasion of Republic Day, children enjoy making tricolor art and crafts at home. By taking ideas from here, you can create new things with the children.

special things

  • These crafts are perfect for Republic Day.
  • There will be complete joy in making.
  • Both children and adults can make these.
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Republic Day 2023: Every year on 26 January, India celebrates its Republic Day. India became a constitutional nation on January 26, 1950. This day is celebrated with great pomp in India and whether children or adults all become a part of the Republic Day celebration. Children have to do art and craft especially in the Republic Day celebrations or after Republic Day in schools using the three colors of the Tricolour. Everyone has a holiday on Republic Day, so why not together make something special on Republic Day.

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Republic Day Art and Craft | Republic Day Art And Craft

flower beds

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It is very easy to make a tricolor flower bed. For this, first take a white sheet and make flower stalks on it with a green sketch pen. Make only three big sticks on the sheet but don’t make flowers, only sticks and leaves on them. Now fold the white, orange and green colored paper at the place where there are flowers and paste it in the shape of a flower. Your Republic Day craft is ready.

tricolor chandelier

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The way a chandelier with light hangs from the ceiling of the house, in the same way you can also make a Tricolor Jhoomar. For this, cut white, green and orange paper in round shape. This paper should be of the size of the bangles of the hand. After this, take a cardboard and cut it in the shape of a plate. Make 7-8 holes on its edge and hang white thread in these holes. Paste the round paper which was cut on this thread at some distance. Paste green paper at the top, white paper in the middle and orange paper at the bottom. Your chandelier is ready.

tricolor on paper

Instead of making the tricolor on paper in a simple way, make it in the new way described here. Finely chop the orange, white, chocolate and green leaves. Make a tricolor on paper and paste pieces of chocolate paper on its stick by applying glue, then paste small pieces of green, white and orange colored paper on the tricolor. At the end, don’t forget to draw a circle on the tricolor with a pen.

print hands

It is a lot of fun to do this activity with children. Take a white sheet and make a tricolor stick on it. Now apply orange, white and green poster color on the child’s palm with a brush. See the place of the flag on the stick made on the paper and hand print it. A beautiful tricolor will be seen on the paper.

Tiranga with pulses

Rajma, masoor and green moong dal will definitely be there in the house. Also, rice will also be useful in this craft. Take a paper and draw a tricolor on it with a pencil. Stick tricolor sticks from Rajma, Masoor and Moong dal on top and bottom and rice in between. Blue poster color can be used on the rice to make the circle.

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