Roger Federer Retirement: Roger Federer’s journey in the sports world ended like this, said goodbye to tennis with moist eyes

SportsTennisRoger Federer Retirement: Roger Federer's journey in the sports world ended like...
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Tennis legend Roger Federer played the last match of his career in the Laver Cup 2022 doubles. In this match, he landed on the court with Rafael Nadal. The iconic pair of both the players lost the match 6-4, 6-7, 9-11 as the Swiss veteran’s career ended in defeat. Both players were seen crying outside the court after losing their matches against Jack Sock and Frances Taifo.

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The 20-time Grand Slam champion found it difficult to control his emotions as fans, competitors and colleagues bid him farewell. As the match ended, Federer hugged all the players with Nadal in the middle of the court. During this, Federer was seen crying, then Nadal wiped his tears. In London, spectators in the stands cheered Federer, “Let’s go, Roger! Let’s go!”, then he said, “Thank you”.

As reported by the Associated Press, Federer said after the match,

“It was a wonderful day, I told people I’m happy, I’m not sad, I enjoyed tying my shoelaces again. But everything was for the last time.”

‘An important part of my life is leaving’: Rafael Nadal

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Nadal said of Roger Federer’s illustrious career, “When Roger said goodbye to this sport, then an important part of my life is also going. Because every moment he was with me or in front of me, he was the most important part of my life.” Important memories.”

Internet reacts to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal crying

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The ATP Tour shared footage of Federer and Nadal on Twitter with the caption, “How do we get over this?” To this one tennis fan said, “End of an era, one of the best rivalries and friendships in men’s tennis! You will be sad, Roger. So glad you chose Rafael as your partner for your last professional match!” Such an emotional moment!”

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