Romance will have to be expensive in Qatar: 7 years in jail, only husband and wife are allowed to love, foreigners are also under the law, strict in FIFA-World Cup

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FIFA Football World Cup is being organized in Qatar. During this, a large number of football lovers from all over the world will reach here. Meanwhile, Qatar has made it clear that foreign guests will have to follow the strict laws of this country. The police here have told that a non-husband-wife couple can be jailed for up to 7 years for having sex. Apart from this, many other strict laws have been implemented by the Government of Qatar. Which can be difficult for western tourists to follow.

Homosexuality and singles sex is a big crime

Islamic Sharia law is in force in Qatar. According to which having sex with each other of signals is a big crime. Also, there is a provision of punishment for homosexuality as well. The ‘Daily Star’ report quoted Qatar Police as saying that foreign nationals can also be jailed for 7 years for such crimes. Consensual sex of a non-husband-wife couple will also be considered a crime.

If the surname is different then the room will not be available in the hotel

Partying and drinking after a football match in Qatar will also be banned. Also, if the surnames of two men and women are not the same. So they will not be given room together in the hotel. To get a room together, they have to prove that they are husband and wife.

‘Romance is not part of our culture’

“Open romance is not part of Qatar’s culture, so we can’t allow foreign guests to come here,” said Nasser, FIFA World Cup chief official. At the same time, he also said that the safety of football lovers coming to watch the World Cup is his first concern.

Arab countries known for strict laws

Qatar is not the only country with such strict rules in place. Such rules are common under Saria law in most Arab countries. Sex before marriage and with anyone other than the husband or wife is considered a major crime. For this, punishment ranging from whipping to jail and death is given in different countries of the Middle East.

Saudi Arab- In Saudi Arabia, having sex with a non-male or female is punishable by stoning to death. Whereas there is a provision for hundred whipping to virgins for this. For this no distinction is made between a boy and a girl.

Iran- Here too, the death penalty is given for having a relationship other than marriage. Before 2013, this punishment was given by stoning. But in 2013, by making a law, options like hanging for death were adopted.

United Arab Emirates- In this matter, the law here is a little softer than the rest of the Arab countries. In the United Arab Emirates, it can be punished with imprisonment from 6 months to a few years, depending on the seriousness of the crime.

India- On the other hand, in our country India, boys and girls above 18 years of age can have sex with each other. Some time ago, the Supreme Court also decriminalized homosexuality and non-husband-wife relations. No punishment can be given for this.

There is a rule of punishment in the Indian Army

After the order of the Supreme Court, even though adultery may not be a crime for civilians, but the Indian Army still considers it a crime. The army considers the relation of an army soldier with the wife of another soldier as indiscipline.

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