Roshni Chopra told how to do aloe vera ice facial, you too can get glow in minutes

LifestyleRoshni Chopra told how to do aloe vera ice facial, you too...
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Aloe Vera Ice Facial: Roshni Chopra does facials with Aloe Vera Ice Stick in minutes at home. You can also follow this routine step by step.

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Skincare: Actress Roshni Chopra is known for her tips and tricks on Instagram. The skin care methods suggested by Roshni can be easily and cost-effectively tried by even common women. This time Roshni Chopra has shared the video of doing Aloe Vera Ice Facial at home. In this video, Roshni is seen rotating a stick like ice cream on her face from here to there. But, it is not ice cream but aloe vera ice which Roshni has made for ice facial. Learn here how you can easily do aloe vera ice facial at home.

Cucumber cream can be made very easily at home, dirt will be removed from the face and glow will appear.

Aloe vera ice facial at home | Aloe Vera Ice Facial At Home

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According to Roshni, aloe vera is known for its many properties, including its vitamins and minerals, as well as its anti-inflammatory properties that moisturise and brighten the skin, which can reduce the appearance of open pores on Roshni’s face. Let’s give It is very easy to do aloe vera facial at home. For this, take a fresh leaf of aloe vera. If you want, you can also take aloe vera gel. After this, keep it in the ice mold to freeze for 5 to 6 hours. With the passage of time, you will see how aloe vera has started looking like ice cream. You can rub it on the face. The aloe vera that remains can be applied on the head after melting.

Roshni not only recommends applying facials and face masks for glowing skin on Instagram, but also suggests making digestive herbal tea to make the skin healthy and keep the stomach clean. In this video, he has told the method of making digestive tea to keep the skin healthy.

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To make this tea, boil half a liter of water and cook it by adding about 10 mint leaves, 2 cloves, 2 cardamom and one teaspoon of fennel seeds. After boiling for about 4 to 5 minutes, filter it in a cup and drink while taking sips.

Juhi Parmar told that this face mask will give moisture and glow to the skin, it will be ready in a pinch

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