Chennai (ANI). Row over Hindi: Tamil Nadu Higher Education Minister K Ponmudy has clarified his statement in which he had said that Hindi speaking people sell pani puri in his state. Now giving clarification on his statement, Ponmudi has said that what he meant was that many people of South India also go to North India and do various work. Similarly, the people there also come here and do many types of work, because they do not get employment there. Let us inform that after this statement of Ponmudi, there was a lot of criticism. Seeing the growing controversy in this matter, he has now clarified on it.

When did the minister give a statement

Let us also tell you here that Ponmudi made this statement during the convocation ceremony at Bharathiar University. He said that there is no doubt that Hindi provides employment to more people. But then why do Hindi speaking people in their state do the work of selling pani puri. His statement was sharply criticized.

Debate on Hindi resumed from South

Significantly, the debate has started in the country once again on the issue of making Hindi the national language. From Bollywood to politicians are giving their feedback on this. This controversy which started in South India regarding Hindi is not new. This kind of controversy has happened here before as well. Former Karnataka CM and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Siddaramaiah says that Hindi is neither the national language nor the link language. We have no hesitation in learning any other language. But it cannot be imposed on everyone as the national language. He made this statement on the statement of the Union Home Minister in which he had said that English can be taken as an alternative to Hindi.

Ajay Devgan’s reply to Sudeepa

In this debate about Hindi, South Star Kiksha Sudeepa had said that Hindi should not be given the status of national language. On this, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan had tweeted and said that if Hindi should not be the national language, then Sudeepa should also not get her films dubbed in Hindi. Ajay Devgan had said that Hindi has always been our national language. During this, he also gave the example of the national anthem Jana Gana Mana. However, Sudeepa’s statement was also supported by Karnataka Chief Minister Bommai.

Edited By: Kamal Verma