Ruckus in Bihar Congress as soon as the list of delegates comes out: Youth Congress President said – everyone will tolerate, but the soul of Congress will not be hurt

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There is a whirlwind-like situation in the Bihar Pradesh Congress over the selection of delegates. Many leaders have given their sharp reaction on social media on this. It is known that 594 delegates have been made in Bihar Congress, but the names of many are not in it. For this reason there is considerable dissatisfaction.

It is being told that the list of delegates was kept suppressed till now, but after it came out, the tornado started rising! This list is going viral among Congress workers.

This tornado was predicted in advance! The atmosphere in the Congress office, Sadaqat Ashram, can get spoiled on any day due to this. Bihar Youth Congress state president Gunjan Patel has raised a serious question on this and has written a letter to the top leaders.

They will participate in the election of the national president

The importance of these delegates in the Congress is because they have the ability to participate in the election of the National President of the Congress. In Congress, Rahul Gandhi has said that he does not want to be the president. After that the names of many leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Ashok Gehlot are running for this post.

If there is more than one candidate in the election of National President in Congress, then voting is certain. The nomination process for this is going to run from September 24 to 30. These delegates will participate and vote in it. Delegates also participate in the election of State President, Treasurer, Vice President and State Election Committee.

A lot went wrong with Youth Congress – Gunjan Patel

Youth Congress state president Gunjan Patel has written in a tweet that- ‘Do injustice to me, abuse me, everyone will tolerate, but if you hurt the soul of Congress and continue to humiliate the young soldiers of Rahul Gandhi, then he will tolerate will not do. The list of Bihar Congress Delegates is an injury to the soul of Congress and also anti-youth.

People are giving different reactions to Gunjan Patel’s tweet. Aman Kumar has written- ‘Bihar Congress has now become the mistress of Tejashwi Yadav and RJD.’ Spoke to Gunjan Patel. He told that delegates are made by mutual co-ordination. But this time worse delegates have been created than expected. A lot has gone wrong.

Youth Congress did not get the shares it should have got. Five delegates have been made from the Youth Congress. He said that this is an internal matter of the party, so cannot talk much to you on this. Those whom I want to convey have been conveyed by letter.

Trying to weaken the party organization contrary to the thinking of Rahul Gandhi

Another Congress leader Kumar Ashish has tweeted – ‘Workers who give their whole life to the party, sweat blood but try to weaken the organization by making the list of delegates in Bihar completely opposite to the thinking of Rahul Gandhi ji by election campaign officials. Has been ! I request your leadership to pay attention to this.

Pushkar resigns from his post

Pushkar, Social Media Vice President of Tirhut-Saran Division of Congress has tendered his resignation on the question of delegate. He had Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, K.C. In a letter written to State President Madan Mohan Jha including Venugopal, it has been said that he should be relieved from the post of Vice President.

He has written in the letter that ‘I believe that the post has no importance because if I do not get prestige while in the post, then it is not appropriate for me to continue in such a post. Being the state office bearer of Bihar State Social Media Department, I and my colleagues were neglected. I will always work in the interest of the party by following the footsteps of my leader Rahul Gandhi by being only a member of the Congress party. Accept my resignation and be relieved.

State President will pay attention to the sentiments of Congress leaders- Rajesh Rathore, Spokesperson, Congress

Apart from these two, questions are being raised on arbitrariness in the selection of delegates from many sides. Sanjeev Kumar Karmaveer has tweeted- ‘I had the highest membership in the Patna rural part. We are not in serial number of Patna district. We are also media panelists of Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee. We have been doing party work with full devotion for 22 consecutive years from NSUI to Abhai since 2000. Spoke to Congress spokesperson Rajesh Rathore.

He said that the state president would pay attention to the sentiments of the Congress leaders. Those who are left out will be included in the list of delegates. Congress spokesperson Asit Nath Tiwari has said that Congress is a big organization. Whenever there is a big decision, some people get left out. These are the loyal people of the party. These must be adjusted somewhere.

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