New Delhi, Online Desk. After the three-match T20 series against New Zealand, the Indian cricket team will now play Test matches. The team has to play two matches amongst themselves. The first match will be held in Kanpur from November 25 to 29. Controversy arose after the diet chart of the Indian team surfaced on Tuesday. In the chart that has come out, it has been said that Halal meat will be served. Fans are angry about this and are protesting.

The board takes care of the food and drink of the Indian team so that the players remain completely fit and fit for the match. For this, every player of Team India has to follow a diet chart which is given by the board itself. Before the Kanpur Test, the diet given to the Indian team created a ruckus. Actually, the chart which is going viral on social media mentions Halal meat. Protests are being raised on social media regarding the board’s decision to give only halal meat to players.

The diet chart of the Indian team came out on Tuesday afternoon. It was shared by journalists covering the game. It was clearly written in the food plan given in the Kanpur Test that beef and pork will not be given to the players and the meat that will be there should be only Halal.

On this, the State Spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Gaurav Goyal, who is a lawyer by profession. He drew attention to this by making a video on his Twitter handle. “BCCI has no right to take such a decision. Players can eat whatever they want, they should not be forced in any way. He opposes this.

What is ‘Halal’ meat

Hindus and Sikhs generally prefer to eat ‘Jhatka’ meat while Muslims prefer ‘Halal’ meat. In Halal, the jugular vein of the animal is cut and left until all its blood is removed. In the blow, the animal is killed immediately by striking it on the neck with a sharp weapon.

The former cricketer told PTI on condition of anonymity, “When I was in the team, beef or pork was never sent to the dressing room during match days. At least not in India. So I don’t think there is anything new in this other than giving written instructions.

He said, “Before anyone gives any meaning to this, cricketers are never advised to eat beef as it contains a lot of fat like goat meat. We have always been advised to eat low protein food as is the case with chicken or fish.

Edited By: Viplove Kumar