Run… the tiger is regaining consciousness….: there was a man eater in front of the garden, tranquilized, searched for 40 minutes; was about to regain consciousness after 5 minutes

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There is a panic of man-eating tiger in the villages around Bagaha for the last 9 months. Has made 6 people a victim in 9 months. Of these, 5 have also died. On Wednesday, to catch this man-eater, the Forest Department brought out the entire army in the field. The help of 60 forest guards, 5 vans, 4 big nets, 2 tranquilize guns, 2 tractors, 40 CCTVs and a drone were taken.

The team also reached close to the tiger. The forest guard also shot him with a tranquilize gun. But he ran away from there. The team also started following him. So that as soon as he faints, he can be rescued. The team kept looking for the tiger in the forest for 40 minutes, but could not find it. After 5 minutes the tiger was about to regain consciousness. Forest officials sounded that the tranquilize gun kept him unconscious for only 45 minutes. Run he will come to his senses anytime.

The entire team of forest department came to catch the tiger

In the Harnatand forest area of ​​Valmikinagar Tiger Reserve (VTR), a lot of effort is being made to catch this tiger. The age of the tiger is said to be 14-15 years. About 60 Foresters, Vanrakshi and TT-PP from 5 forest areas of the Forest Department, along with police forces of the three police stations, STF personnel have been deployed. On the spot, Bagaha SDM Deepak Kumar Mishra, ASP campaign Devesh Kumar Mishra, SDPO Ramnagar Satyanarayan Ram are engaged in monitoring.

The team of the forest department engaged in finding the tiger.

Tiger comes to his senses in 5 minutes, team runs away

The team engaged in rescuing the tiger kept getting success on Wednesday evening. The forest department entered inside the forest with all its resources and targeted the tiger with a tranquilizer gun. The tiger’s hair was also seen on the injection but the man-eater was nowhere to be found. The forest department team kept looking for the tiger for 40 minutes. The team members ran away as soon as 40 minutes were over, as the tiger would have come to its senses in 45 minutes.

On Thursday morning, the tiger again came out of the forest and was seen walking in the field in front of a crowd of forest workers and people. By the time the people of the forest department made preparations to catch the tiger, he went out again and went into the forest.

A 65-year-old farmer was killed in a tiger attack on Wednesday.

Doctor posted for Tiger’s health checkup

After rescuing the tiger, VTR’s doctor Manoj Kumar Tony and doctor Sanjeev Kumar have been deployed for his health check-up. Along with this, WWF’s Area Co-ordinator Kamlesh Morya, WTI Biologist Saurabh Verma, Valmiki Nagar Ranger Rovin Kumar etc. are present.

The eye-witness between Tiger and the team has been going on for 10 days.

This tiger has made two people its prey in the last 10 days. On September 12, Gulbandi Devi, a resident of Bairia Kala, was hunted by a tiger. After which every activity of Tiger started being monitored. The work of monitoring the tiger was started in three shifts by forming a team of 25 – 25 forest personnel of the forest department. For this 40 cameras were also installed.

Despite this, the tiger killed Ramprasad Oraon, a resident of Bairia Kala village, on Wednesday morning. read full news

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