Rural Olympic Competition: 8 teams will play at district level from Behror block, Manchal team is the winner in cricket, will conclude tomorrow

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Block level Rural Olympic Games are being organized continuously for the last 4 days at Mahatma Gandhi School Stadium, Behror. Under which 8 teams of Kabaddi, Volleyball, Shooting Ball, Kho-Kho, Hockey and Cricket were the winners for playing at the district level on the fourth day today. The game of all the teams ended at 5:30 pm.

Chief Block Education Officer Shashi Kapoor said that in Kabaddi male, Hamidpur, Kabaddi female in Kohrana, volleyball male in Karoda, volleyball female in Mohammadpur, volleyball female in Budhwal, Kho-Kho female in Utoli, hockey male in Bardod and cricket in village Manchal. The team was the winner.

Now all these teams representing Behror region at district level will illuminate the name of Rath region. After winning the team at the district level, they will show their strength at the state level. The CBEO said that by our skilled and experienced physical teachers, with hard work and dedication, the teams have been selected and prepared to play at the district level. Now the result of the tennis ball game will come tomorrow. After which the games will be concluded at the block level.

During this, Additional Chief Block Education Officer Dara Singh Yadav, Shyamsunder Yadav, RP Rakesh Yadav, Physical Teacher Vedprakash Yadav, Shishram Yadav, Jaswant Yadav, Suman Yadav, Anjana, Manisha, Sarla Yadav, Ramandeep Kaur along with Education Department officials and physical teachers were present. .

In the Behror subdivision area, the weather remained pleasant since this morning, there was movement of dark clouds in the sky, and sometimes there was a period of intermittent rain. In the pleasant weather, players showed great enthusiasm in other sports including Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Cricket. At the same time, there was a crowd of parents and villagers from the rural area to watch the game in large numbers. He also encouraged the players a lot.

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