New Delhi, Jn. The closeness of Finland and NATO is keeping Russia at bay. It could be heavy on Finland. After Finland’s announcement that it will join the NATO organization, Russia is in the mood for action. Recently, Finland announced that it supports joining NATO. However, Russia has not declared war on Finland. Russia has said that it will stop power supply to Finland on Saturday. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that it may be obliged to take military, technical and other necessary steps to deal with these threats. Russia’s reasoning behind this is that it has not made the last payment for electricity. If Russia cuts off the power supply, the whole of Finland will be plunged into darkness. Russia’s move is being seen with its ties to NATO.

1- Finland’s grid operator Fingerid said in a statement that power supply would be cut from 1 p.m. local time. Fingerid said there was no threat to supplies and electricity from Russia, which accounts for 10 per cent of Finland’s total consumption. The operator said Russian power cuts could be met by importing electricity from Sweden and domestic production. The Russian presidential office, the Kremlin, has made it clear that Russia sees Finland’s decision to join NATO as a threat.

2- The atmosphere in Northern Europe has become extremely tense with Finland and Sweden joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The Russian presidential office called it a threat and announced that it would retaliate. Meanwhile, Britain’s former ambassador to Russia claims that Putin may further strengthen his nuclear force in the Baltic region to teach Finland a lesson.

3- Earlier, Finland had announced that it would apply for NATO membership. It is expected that Sweden will soon follow the Finland route and apply for NATO membership. This move by Finland and Sweden will expand the military organization of Western countries NATO and will reach closer to the border of Russia. That too when Putin attacked Ukraine to block NATO’s access to Russia’s border.

NATO’s strength will double with Finland at Russia’s doorstep

If Finland, which shares a long land border with Russia, joins NATO, NATO’s border with Russia will double. That is why Russia has warned of military action. Ukraine’s President Zelensky recently said that if his country had joined NATO before the war, this war would not have happened. Its tensions with Russia began after Ukraine’s announcement of joining NATO, which later turned into a fierce war, which Russia called ‘military action’.

Finland and Sweden were neutral during the Cold War

This is going to be a huge change in the security of Europe in the last several decades. Finland and Sweden were neutral throughout the Cold War, but after the war in Ukraine, these two countries are completely moving to the Western camp. Sir Tony Brenton, former UK ambassador to Russia, said Russia would see NATO more as its threat. He said the Ukraine war has proved that Russia’s conventional military is not producing the results that Putin had envisioned. In such a situation, Russia will be very worried.

Edited By: Ramesh Mishra