New Delhi, Jn. Russia New Military Bases: Russia and Ukraine War (Russia Ukraine War) and NATO of Finland and Sweden (NATO) once again joining the Cold War (Cold War) As the situation has arisen. On one side there is the US-dominated NATO army and on the other there are Russian soldiers. In fact, to avoid Russia’s aggression, Western countries are showing interest in joining the NATO organization, on the other hand, in response to the expansion of NATO, Russia has also come into action mode. This can be gauged from the fact that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has announced that Russia will place 12 military units to deal with NATO. Although he did not name NATO or the US, this has led to speculation that this will increase instability and strategic conflict in the region. Is there really a situation like Cold War once again? What is Russia’s objection to NATO membership of Finland and Sweden?

1- Foreign affairs expert Prof Abhishek Singh says that this conflict between Russia and NATO is not new. Its foundation dates back to the Cold War. Russia is once again worried about the expansion of US-dominated NATO. The Ukraine war is a product of Russian insecurity. The issue of NATO membership of Finland and Sweden is also related to this. He said that Finland is a non-aligned country situated on the banks of the Baltic Sea. In such a situation, if NATO wants, it can siege Russia’s northern border by placing a blockade between Estonia and Finland. Estonia is already a member country of NATO organization. Russia’s biggest concern is about the Baltic Sea. If this happens, Russia’s maritime trade in the entire Baltic Sea may come to a standstill. Russian movement in this region will be affected. This is the reason why Russia does not want NATO to approach its northern border.

2- Prof Abhishek said that the way Russia has caused havoc by attacking Ukraine, it has increased the concern of other neighboring countries. The neighboring countries of Russia are concerned about their security. This is the reason why most countries want to secure themselves by joining NATO. They feel that if they become members, the US and other big NATO countries will protect them. Sweden and Finland are neighbors of Russia. Russia has infiltrated Swedish airspace several times. Both countries are feeling themselves insecure with Russia. This is the reason why Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. Citizens of both countries are also in favor of joining NATO in view of the current situation, whereas till a few years ago very few people wanted it. Russia never wants any of its neighbors to become a member of NATO.

Russia’s stern warning

With Finland’s announcement that it supports joining NATO. After this Russia stopped power supply to Finland. Finland imports 10 percent of its total electricity consumption from Russia. Russia said that if Finland wants to join the NATO camp, then our goal is absolutely legitimate. He said that if America threatens our country, then we have Satan-2 missile for you. If you think of erasing the existence of Russia, you will be reduced to ashes. Russia said that we will not deploy strategic weapons on the Finnish border, but we have Kinjal class missiles, which can hit Finland in 20 or just 10 seconds. Russia has also indicated that Russia will comprehensively strengthen its military forces on its western border.

After the war on Ukraine, fear spread in Finland-Sweden

1- Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a special military operation on February 24 to protest Ukraine’s joining NATO. Since then there has been an anti-Russian wave in the western countries. With this move of Putin, NATO, who was sleeping peacefully, woke up completely and got a new boost. Russia’s military campaign so frightened Sweden and Finland that the two countries, citing decades of military non-alignment, suddenly tried to join NATO.

2- Significantly, there are 30 countries in NATO. In this, only America, Britain, France, Canada and Germany appear to be active. In some cases, Belgium and Sweden have also been seen carrying out missions in aid of NATO. Apart from this, the rest of the countries are also completely dependent on the military help of these active countries. These countries have invested very little in their security, but the invasion of Russian forces has forced NATO to rethink its strategy and to make member countries think to increase their strength.

Edited By: Ramesh Mishra