Moscow, Reuters. Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinisto not to relinquish his neutral status. It has been said that Finland’s decision to join NATO is wrong and it will harm its bilateral ties with Russia. Putin said this in a telephone conversation with Ninisto. Finnish President Niinisto called Putin to inform him of his country’s decision to join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

Russia’s neighboring country Finland on Thursday announced it would apply to join the US-led military organization. In response, Russia called this decision of Finland dangerous for its security. It was said that this would allow the deployment of NATO weapons closer to the Russian border. Russia also warned of military action against Finland.

Relations between Russia and Finland will have a negative impact

Finland’s presidential office has reported that talks Ninisto told Putin that Russia’s attack on Ukraine had changed the climate of regional security. He said that Finland wants fair and professional relations with its neighbor Russia, which should be based on independent policies. While the Kremlin, the office of the Russian president, has said that Putin’s emphasis was on maintaining Finland’s military neutrality, as there is no threat to Finland’s security. If Finland changes its foreign policy, it will have a negative impact on relations between Russia and Finland. Russia has described this conversation as an open exchange of ideas.

Russian company stops electricity supply to Finland

Russia’s largest power company RAO Nordic cut Finland’s electricity supply from Saturday. The company did so due to non-payment of its outstanding electricity price. Fingrid OYJ, operator of Finland’s electricity transmission grid, has said that the Russian company has stopped exporting electricity from 1 pm. The dues of the Russian company could not be deposited after May 6. This is the first time this situation has come up in the last 20 years. Despite this, the Russian company stopped the power supply.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan