Kyiv, Reuters. Russian troops wreaked havoc in Ukraine’s Donbass region as President Vladimir Putin was cheering for the Russian military at a Victory Day celebration in Moscow on Monday. Fighting continues at the Ajovstal steel factory in Maripol. Soon it is expected to be captured by the Russian army. On Monday, four high-powered Onyx missiles were fired from Russian-occupied Crimea on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa. Obviously there must have been a big loss but its details have not been received.

A fierce struggle is going on around the Maripol steel factory spread over an area of ​​about 12 square kilometres. The Russian army is doing everything possible to control the 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and foreign fighters who have been barricaded at the factory. Ukrainian Army Captain Svyatoslav Palmer has said that we will fight the Russian invaders till our last breath. Ukraine has said that Russian tanks and artillery are shelling a steel factory, threatening the destruction of the factory as well as the death of soldiers surrounded there. Luhansk Governor Serhi Gaidai has said that the Russian military is mercilessly targeting innocent civilians. The Russian military has also killed several civilians in Kharkiv after killing 60 people who took refuge in a school building. Three more civilians have been killed in Luhansk in the latest attacks. The Russian military’s campaign continues for the 75th day, destroying hundreds of villages, towns and cities in Ukraine. During this time, about 6 million people have left Ukraine and gone to other countries.

UNHRC special session on Ukraine

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will hold a special session on the situation in Ukraine this week. This session will be held at the request of Ukraine. Ukraine requested a special session to discuss the mass killings of civilians by the Russian military in Maripol. It may be noted that in April the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution canceling Russia’s membership of the UNHRC.

Macron’s suggestion of an organization outside the EU

French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested the creation of a separate political organization of like-minded countries in Europe outside the European Union (EU). It has been said that due to EU conditions, it may take years and decades for Ukraine to be included in the organization. Therefore, countries that cannot join the EU should be made members of that organization and they should be helped.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan