Washington, ANI. Various sanctions have been imposed on Russia for attacking Ukraine. To this, the G-7 said in a statement that the group of seven industrialized nations representing the world’s richest nations has urged China not to ease sanctions imposed on Russia for attacking Ukraine. At the same time, the G-7 countries have urged not to justify Moscow’s action in Kyiv.

The G-7 foreign ministers also said that we will never recognize the borders that Russia has tried to change with military aggression. The statement said the G7 rejected any assumption of spheres of influence and any use of force that is not in compliance with international law.

This development of the G-7 came after the talks were held in Germany. Where the Group of Foreign Ministers collectively expressed solidarity and support with Ukraine as it defends itself against Russia’s unfair, unprovoked and illegal war of aggression.

We will continue defense assistance to Ukraine as long as necessary

In the presence of foreign ministers of Ukraine and Moldova, the group said the war reaffirmed its determination to reject Russia’s attempt to redraw the borders in violation of the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. We will continue our ongoing military and defense assistance to Ukraine for as long as necessary.

Without giving further details in the statement, the G7 will also expand its sanctions to include areas on which Russia has a special dependency. The G-7 foreign ministers emphasized their support for the stability, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova and called on Belarus to stop Russia’s aggression and comply with its international obligations. There are fears that Russia could launch a new front in the war in Eastern Europe via Transnistria, an isolated region within Moldova that has housed Russian troops for decades.

Edited By: Dhyanendra Singh Chauhan