Russia-Ukraine war: India did not vote on the resolution in UNGA but expressed its serious concern

WorldRussia-Ukraine war: India did not vote on the resolution in UNGA but...
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India said that hostility and violence are not in anyone’s interest, dialogue and diplomacy are the only ways to ensure peace.

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New Delhi :

On February 24 last year, Russia started attacking Ukraine. One year of this war has been completed and there is no possibility of its ending soon. An emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly was called on the issue of Ukraine. Two days of discussion took place in the session on the resolution on the theme ‘Ukraine a comprehensive, just and lasting peace’. After this the proposal is passed. The resolution calls for Russia to immediately stop the war against Ukraine and withdraw its forces from Ukrainian soil to ensure a lasting peace.

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This proposal is non-binding, that is, Russia is not bound to accept it. But the passing of this resolution shows how most of the countries of the world are standing with Ukraine against the Russian attack on Ukraine. In the United Nations General Assembly, out of 193 member countries, 141 countries voted in favor of this proposal, seven countries against it while 32 countries abstained from voting.

Countries that voted against the resolution include Russia as well as Belarus, Nicaragua, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea and Mali. All these are close allies of Russia. This proposal was prepared by Ukraine with its allies. Although Russia tried to bring many amendments in it through Belarus, but those amendments also fell during the voting.

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32 countries including India and China abstained from voting. India did not participate in the voting, but showed its serious concern about the situation arising out of the Ukraine war. India’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ruchira Kamboj, in her address to the meeting, referred to the statement of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in which he had said that this is not the era of war. Kamboj said that enmity and violence is not in anyone’s interest. Dialogue and diplomacy is the only way to ensure peace.

Expressing its faith in the UN Charter, India reiterated that it is with peace and supports the sovereignty and integrity of every country. It is the responsibility of each side not to attack civilian targets and structures.

India also mentioned the humanitarian aid being given to Ukraine and the side effects of this war on the countries of the Global South. India asked the question whether we are close to a solution that is acceptable to both sides? Can a concrete solution be reached without involving both the parties?

On this occasion, India also raised the question regarding the United Nations and its Security Council formed according to the era of 1945, whether it has remained effective amidst the challenges of world peace and security at present?

India has been abstaining from voting on many resolutions on the issue of Ukraine in the United Nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the President of Ukraine and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin several times to establish peace.

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