Kyiv, Reuters. Very complicated negotiations are going on between Ukraine and Russia for the evacuation of some 600 wounded Ukrainian soldiers and foreign fighters trapped at the Ajovstal steel factory in Maripol. The negotiations propose the release of Russian prisoners of war in return. This was stated by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. With the passage of time, the condition of these wounded surrounded by the Russian army is deteriorating.

The officer present in the factory said, will fight till the last breath

Svyatoslav Palmer, deputy commander of Ukrainian troops fighting from inside Maripol’s Ajovstal steel factory, has said fighting with Russian forces will continue despite shortages of ammunition, food, water and medicines. This fight will last till the last breath of Ukrainian soldiers. In a conversation with US generals via Internet media, Palmer requested help from the US to evacuate some 600 wounded soldiers from the factory.

The Ukrainian military said in its daily statement that Russian forces were attacking new towns and villages in the Donsk and Luhansk (Donbass) areas in the eastern region. Everywhere it is being fought hard by Ukrainian troops and regional people. Twelve people have been injured in a Russian attack on the town of Avdeevka in the Donbass region.

Claims to have destroyed 73 Russian tanks in two days

Ukraine’s Airborne Command has released photos and videos saying that the Russian army has suffered major damage by blowing up the Pantoon Bridge over the Siversky Donets River. 73 Russian military tanks and other military vehicles and equipment have been destroyed in two days of this week. While the British Defense Ministry has said that a squad of 1000 soldiers of the Russian army has come under the grip of this attack. A battalion of the Russian Tactical Group consists of a thousand soldiers. The entire battalion was crossing the river through the Pantoon Bridge, when the bridge was blown up.

41 cases of war crime ready for trial

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General has said that 41 cases of war crimes committed by Russian soldiers in her office are ready for trial. But it has not been clarified how many cases will be heard in the absence of the convicts. It is noteworthy that a war crime case against a Russian soldier arrested for the unprovoked shooting of a 62-year-old cyclist has started this week.

Ukraine will fight as long as allies support: Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that no one can predict the timeline of the ongoing war with the war. The timing of the war will largely be decided by Ukraine’s allies, European countries and other independent countries. As long as they support Ukraine, Ukraine will fight till then. Zelensky thanked countries for imposing sanctions on Russia, enforcing them firmly and providing military and financial aid to Ukraine.

On Friday, Zelensky said Russia’s 200th fighter jet was shot down. In addition, a large number of Russian tanks, artillery and armored vehicles were destroyed. Russia has suffered heavy losses in the Ukraine war. After all this Russia was only able to temporarily erect a statue of Lenin in Gneichesk. Geniechsk is a town in the Kherson region, where the Russian army erected a statue of Lenin in April after it was captured.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh