Russia Ukraine War: “We will still win…we will still win”, Volodymyr Zelensky’s reply to Putin on Victory Day

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Ukraine War: “We are celebrating Victory Day against the Nazi forces. We are proud of our ancestors who along with other countries joined the anti-Hitler coalition and defeated the Nazi forces. Will not give a chance to snatch Victory. :- President of Ukraine Zelensky

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia should be Ukraine was facing an absolutely unacceptable threat. Russia’s military is defending its “homeland” in Ukraine. On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Ukraine will not give Russia another chance to win like World War II, on the occasion of the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany. He said, today we are celebrating Victory Day against the Nazi forces. We are proud of our ancestors who, along with other countries, supported the anti-Hitler coalition and defeated the Nazi forces.

Now we will not give a chance to anyone to snatch our victory. Zelensky added, “We won then, we will still win now.”

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is hoping to celebrate seven Victory Days on Monday to mark the dedication of the last Ukrainian defenders of Mariopol, his commander said in a Zoom meeting that he would have to wait. Speaking at a major press conference on Sunday, the intelligence officer of the Azov regiment to save the Azovstal steel factory said that the surrender would be at the cost of suicide. Told them that they have food and weapons to fight for a few more days.

Earlier on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated former Soviet countries on the 77th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II and said “we will win just like in 1945”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that our soldiers, like their ancestors, are fighting shoulder to shoulder to free their motherland from the Nazis. Today, it is our common duty to prevent the rebirth of Nazism, which caused great suffering to the people of different countries.” He added that we hope that “new generations may be worthy of the memory of their fathers and grandfathers”.

Putin went on to say that unfortunately, today, Nazism is once again raising its head. Our duty is to stop the ideological successors of those who were defeated in World War II.” He also said that he wishes “a peaceful and just future for all the inhabitants of Ukraine”.


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