Moscow, ANI. Russia has warned on Tuesday about the Afghanistan crisis. Russia says the turmoil in Afghanistan has exacerbated the problems and could significantly increase the illegal arms trade.

“We would like to say that that country poses a very serious threat not only to regional security but also to the national security of our country,” said Alexander Venediktov, deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council. These threats include terrorism, extremism, drug smuggling, mass displacement and radicalization, he said.

Venediktov also said that the United States has never provided so much military and technical assistance to any of its allies in NATO and other organizations as it did to Afghanistan. He said that despite all these threats, the focus of Russia’s Security Council and its Scientific Council will remain on the problem of Afghanistan.

The leaders of the G20 countries discussed the situation in Afghanistan on Tuesday. It also talked about focusing on counter-terrorism efforts and ensuring safe passage for foreign nationals. Meanwhile, the G20 countries including India and the US agreed to provide humanitarian assistance to the Afghan people through independent international organizations during the G20 summit on Afghanistan.

Amid the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover in August and the subsequent formation of an interim government, the US has said it is willing to work with international partners and use diplomatic, humanitarian and economic means to support Afghans. Committed to.

Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, only a handful of countries, including China and Pakistan, have shown a softer attitude towards wider recognition of the organisation, while other international communities have spoken of waiting for the time being.

Edited By: Manish Pandey