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Without any teacher, the child of the school got 91 percent marks in the matriculation

-Probably this year, Inter studies will also start in this

Dialogue thread, Panjwara (Banka): Two years ago, the government has given the gift of a higher secondary school to Sabalpur Panchayat without high school. The name is High School Sabalpur, but the school is run in the middle school building of the remote Paso village of the Panchayat. The burden of teaching in this high school running in the middle school building is also on the shoulders of the middle school teachers. There is a shortage of subject wise teachers on that too. Three teachers of Mathematics, Hindi and Science subjects are engaged in shaping their future. There is a compulsion to make results by studying Sanskrit and social science without studying in school or studying in tuition.

In the last session from the school, 53 students had registered themselves in matriculation. Out of this, only 17 gave the exam after filling the form. Eight students out of 17 tasted success with first division as first batch examinees. Six succeeded from third division. Three failed. Student Said Kaif had a great performance. By securing 455 marks, securing 91 percent marks increased the value of the school. Head teacher Virendra Kumar told that he is the head teacher of Middle School Paso. Higher Secondary School, Sabalpur has additional charge. He is a middle school science subject teacher. Apart from this, Deepak Bharti for Hindi subject and Ravi Kumar Pandit are deputed for Mathematics. The space for the building has been earmarked, but till then the class of higher secondary school is being conducted in the middle school building itself. Probably this year in the same time Inter studies will also start. This process is being completed by the government level.

Edited By: Jagran