Saharanpur: Police arrested the extortionist husband and wife

StatesUttar pradeshSaharanpur: Police arrested the extortionist husband and wife
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Disclosing this incident, the Qutubsher police have arrested the accused in the case.

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In Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district, the police have arrested a husband and wife who extorted people by luring them. Cheated cash and gold chain were recovered from the arrested couple. Giving information about the matter, Superintendent of Police (City) Abhimanyu Manglik told ‘PTI-Bhasha’ that a doctor had lodged a complaint at Qutubsher police station that a woman had met him in the hospital about a month and a half ago and after friendship a place But was tempted to have a physical relationship by calling.

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According to Manglik, the doctor alleges that when he reached the place told by the woman, two-three people came there and threatened him and took him to the ATM in the car and made him withdraw cash by showing fear of defamation. According to Manglik, the Qutubsher police arrested the accused Suleman and his wife while disclosing the incident. He told that the caught woman and her husband had cheated two-three people earlier also by accusing them of rape while making them their victims.

According to Manglik, Rs 16,500 in cash and a gold chain have been recovered from the arrested couple. He said that the Santro car used by the couple to take the doctor to the ATM has also been seized.

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