Salt can be added to enhance the taste of coffee, know how and how much here

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Coffee with Salt: To increase the taste and froth of coffee, salt is added to it. You can easily prepare this delicious coffee at home in minutes.

special things

  • Tasty coffee can be made in this way.
  • Salt reduces the bitterness of coffee.
  • Good for health too.

Cooking Tips: Coffee becomes a perfect test of coffee for drinkers that they never want to compromise on. Some people like to drink very hard and some like to drink normal or light coffee. Your choice will probably be similar. But, have you ever heard the mention of adding salt to coffee? If you haven’t heard, then listen now. Let us know how salt is added to the coffee to increase its taste manifold and the quantity of salt is kept.

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Salt to enhance the taste of coffee. Salt in Coffee to Enhance Taste

There is also a history of adding salt to coffee. In Europe, the first mention was made of adding salt to coffee. At the same time, in countries where coffee was made from salted water, it was seen that coffee is having better foam and less bitterness.

The bitterness of coffee is definitely less when salt is added, but for this the amount of salt added should be known.

The way to mix salt is to mix salt not in water but in coffee powder. When coffee is put in the filter for extraction, salt can be mixed with it. It can be used in espresso machines and hand brewed coffee.

If you are taking 10 grams of coffee powder, then you have to take 0.1 grams of salt. If the quantity of coffee is 100 percent, then only 1 percent of salt has to be kept.

The coffee prepared in the above way will also taste good and foam is also good in it. With just this simple trick, you too can enjoy delicious and perfect coffee at home.

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