Jasan, Mathura: In the fresher’s party organized at Sanskriti University, the students made a lot of noise. Where on one hand the students demonstrated their interest and ability in dancing and singing. On the other hand, students of Sanskriti School of Fashion Designing presented their own designs on the ramp. This fresher’s party, which started in the afternoon, went on till late in the evening and was completely occupied by the students.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp in front of the statue of Maa Saraswati. Inaugurating the program, Dr. S. Javed Akhtar, Dean Administration, University of Culture said that the day of fresher’s party became a memorable day in the lives of the students. University is not a building, it is the result of a thought of a young Chancellor of the country, Sachin Gupta, who wants to bring excellence in your life. This university is going to give you a great lifestyle. Dr. Rana Singh, CEO, Sanskriti University said that when we study, we move forward. Special guest Dr. Girish Sharma while congratulating the fresher advised him to follow a disciplined life. University’s Special Officer Meenakshi Sharma told the freshers about the importance of discipline along with studies. Navjyot Trivedi, Head of the Department of Sanskriti School of Physiotherapy said that your parents have sent you to study here with a purpose, we wish you all the best to fulfill that purpose. The fresher party was directed by Dr. Ayushi Pandey of Sanskriti School of Fashion Designing, Dr. Durgesh Wadhwa. Conducted by student Pragya and student Om Chauhan.

Edited By: Jagran