Santoshi Mata: These rules are followed in Friday’s fast, it is believed that Santoshi Mata’s grace remains

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Santoshi Mata: According to the belief of Hinduism, Friday is dedicated to Santoshi Mata. A fast is kept on this day for the purpose of Santoshi.

special things

  • Santoshi Mata Vrat has special significance.
  • On this day Santoshi Mata is worshipped.
  • There are special rules for Friday fasting.

Santoshi Mata: Every day of the week is dedicated to some god. According to the belief of Hinduism, Friday is dedicated to Santoshi Mata. A fast is kept on this day for the purpose of Santoshi. Regarding Santoshi Mata Vrat, it is said that the devotee who observes this fast according to law, Maa Santoshi fulfills all their wishes. According to the belief, by observing fast on sixteen Fridays (Solah Shukrawar), there is always happiness and peace in the house. However, some special rules have been told to observe this fast. Let us know what are the things to be kept in mind while fasting on Friday.

Friday fasting rules Shukrawar Vrat / Santoshi Mata Vrat Rules

According to the belief, those who fast on Friday should not eat any kind of sour cheese on this day. It is said that by doing this, mother Santoshi gets angry. Its fast is broken. In such a situation, breaking any rule while fasting on this day is not considered right.

During Santoshi Mata Vrat, jaggery and gram are used to offer food to the mother. The devotees definitely eat this prasad.

On the day of Friday fasting, not only the fasting, but also the rest of the family members should abstain from eating sour food items on this day. it’s said.

Any member of the house where Friday fast is observed should not consume alcohol on this day. It is a belief that consuming alcohol on this day does not bring any fruit of fasting.

It is said that one should refrain from taking vengeful food during Santoshi Mata fast on Friday. Actually doing so on this day is considered against the rules of fasting. It is believed that fasting brings blessings of Santoshi Mata. Also, the wishes of the one who observes the fast are fulfilled. On the other hand, unmarried girls can get a suitable life partner.

Importance of Santoshi Mata Vrat Santoshi Mata Vrat Significance

The special significance of Santoshi Mata Vrat has been told. It is believed that by observing a fast of Santoshi Mana on Friday, the wishes of the person are fulfilled. Also, by observing this fast with a sincere heart, one gets the special grace of the mother. Along with this, there is happiness and prosperity in the family. Apart from this, married life of women remains happy. At the same time, girls who are unmarried, if they keep this fast, then they get a suitable groom soon, there is such a belief.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information. NDTV does not confirm this.)

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